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The Best Way To Use News & Keep Your Instagram Followers Engaged.

Have you heard of Meme Accounts? These are accounts that gain a lot of Instagram followers just by fooling around on the internet – literally. They post jokes, memes, and pictures that are funny. They take the advantage of every situation and convert it into a meme. If you haven’t already, follow dhakkan chronicle Instagram account. The name is derived from the Deccan chronicle epaper, but nothing else has been similar since that.

Dhakkan in Hindi means stupid or dumb – so the name makes sense since the memes are not supposed to. They are clearly laughable. Do not confuse this with the Deccan chronicle cartoon of the day. This is way too funnier than you think it is. You can open a meme account when there are no Deccan chronicle job openings – that was a joke too. There is also a Deccan chronicle app for iPhone but I’d suggest installing Instagram instead so you can read Dhakkan Chronicle’s memes every day. But will all due respect, I do love the nation cartoon and Hindi Milap published by Telangana today epaper and also the Deccan chronicle Astroguide.

Influencing Your Instagram Followers

Coming back to Dhakkan Chronicle, this Instagram User is making sure the news remains fun. While growing your Instagram Followers, keeping them engaged is also of key importance. We’re all talking about Rhea Chakraborty today as she’s been in news for being arrested. Indian News Channels are anyways way too funny for all this and will make it worse by the evening. Dhakkan Chronicle thinks differently and makes sure he stays in the game.

Instagram Followers -
Instagram Followers –

Don’t bother browsing news channels anymore, time for a different point of view. This is a great account to go LMAO. Here’s how Dhakkan Chronicle increases his Instagram Followers :

For example, when Sanjay Dutt found out about Rhea taking drugs :

Kangana Ranaut has been in the news lately for her spat with Shivsena and Maharashtra. But her mother is just happy about her not doing drugs.

No matter how bad the COVID-19 situation is in India right now, all our media has been bothered about since Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide is Rhea Chakraborty’s life.

When PUBG got banned in India, gamers went bonkers on what would happen next. That least bothered our Airtel 4G girl since she already had it on her phone.

Arnab Goswami was always in the news because of his Republic TV debates. However, he lost it while trying to become the investigator for Sushant Singh Rajputs Suicide Case.

Kangana Ranaut saw an advantage to make it big and get all the footage she deserved by making nepotism the face of her career. She keeps getting trolled since then.

Saif and Kareena took advantage of not being able to go out of the house. They got pregnant again which will also save Taimur from the paparazzi. The next baby will have a lot of Instagram Followers too.

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While almost half of the country lost their jobs, this man made more money than many of the empires in the world and became further rich.

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There may be better ways to increase your Instagram followers, this one is not even in the league and still works.

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