How To Increase Conversion In Google Ads

How To Increase Conversion In Google Ads

Google ads are more than an advertising platform. It’s a treasure trove of data that SEOs can use to improve organic visibility for their site. If you’re like most people and keep SEO and PPC campaigns separate, you’re making a mistake. So how to increase conversion in google ads?

You’re missing out on a ton of reliable data that can be used for search engine optimization google costs to gain the long-term benefits of free and passive search traffic from Google and YouTube. It is also equally important to understand the google ads algorithm.

Ever wondered why do ads show up after I search or why am I getting ads?

We all have a Gmail account, and it enables us to have a google ads login. You don’t need a google ads certification to place ads on Google and drive traffic to your website. You can start by going to the google ads official site. Alternatively, you can try this Google Adwords training. This gives you an idea of how you can optimize google ads for conversions.

The good part, we get started with google ads 2000 credit to place our initial ads making it free genuine traffic. After the free google ads, it becomes a paid service and you’ll also have google ads support. They can be found at 1-866-246-6453 which is google customer care number India 24/7.

Over the past year, I’ve spent some time advertising on YouTube and a bit on Google and I’ve found some cool ways to use the data to improve SEO. Google ads for youtube are magical.

I often got brilliant help from the google ads forum. So let’s kick things off with the first use case, which is to find keywords that result in conversions, and if you do not understand any part of this article or need google Adwords help in the future – feel free to reach out to @jasonmdigital for google ads tips and tricks 2020.

How to Increase Conversion in Google Ads

Using Google ads for traffic doesn’t sound like a great idea. Not every keyword you bid on or rank for is going to result in customers. But Google Ads has a conversion tracking feature that lets you attribute an action on your website to a keyword. To set this up, just go to the Conversions settings in your Google ads account.

There is a pattern in which you will help google show ads. Beware that you do not have these google ad settings turned off. Also, know that this is not a google ads expert blog. A lot of people are currently using google ads to promote blogs. You don’t want to be advertising on google tips.

The advertisers pay the publishers and similarly google ads pay google Adsense. You can try the Google Adsense app download and test this out with the google ads 2000 credit. If you hover over “website,” you’ll see that you can track things like Online sales, link clicks, and sign-ups.

Click the website icon, and then fill out the form to set up your conversion action. This is why you need actionable ads. Keep in mind there is no specific formula for successful google ads. You’re looking at how Google Adwords vs PPC can do wonders.

google ads

After you’ve spent enough money to get some conversion data, go to the Search terms report. And this report shows you a list of queries where your ad was shown to a significant number of people. You can see things like Impressions, interactions, the average cost per click, total conversions, and conversion rate, which is a percentage of the number of clicks to conversions.

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Are Ads Based on Browsing History?

Yes, they are to some extent. These are called retargeting or remarketing ads that help sell more. This is also the answer to how Google decide what ads to show me. You now have a google ads strategy and it will only help with google Adwords sem.

The reason why you’re seeing zero conversions is that we haven’t used the conversion tracking pixel for years. But assuming you have the conversion tracking pixel on your site, you can simply sort the table by the Conversion or Conversion rate column, and see which keywords are converting visitors or viewers into sign-ups. The google keyword planner is another assistance you’ll get here.

So let’s draw out a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say that the query, “website checker” had an average CPC of $2 and your break-even cost was $40. That means you need to convert one visitor for every 20 clicks to break even. These are the returns on google ads vs SEO.

If your cost per conversion was $50, then from an ads perspective, you’re losing $250 for every one thousand dollars spent. So let’s do a bit of reverse engineering. With this information, you know that ranking for the query, “website checker” will lead to conversions. You also know that you’ll need around 25 clicks to get one conversion. Your aim will always be to improve the AdWords conversion rate.

And if a conversion is worth $40, then that’s $5,600 in value each month from free organic traffic! So assuming I wanted to go after that query, I’d toss it into Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer or Ubersuggest. The SERP overview can assess what it would take to outrank the rest of the competition. To see a fight between SEO and PPC ahrefs is going to be your best shot. Read on below to find out how to increase conversion in google ads.

Keyword Research

The next use case is to find keyword opportunities as well as pages that can benefit from on-page optimizations. According to Google, 15% of queries they see every day have never been seen before. That means billions of queries are going unnoticed and if Google doesn’t even know them, then third-party keyword research tools probably won’t either. To set yourself up for success, you can try bidding on keywords using broad match modifiers.

google ads

The google ads keyword planner tool does the majority of the job for you. Broad match modifiers ensure your ads are only shown for searches that include words you’ve marked with a plus sign. For example, if you were to bid on a keyword like “leather shoes” wrapped in quotes, you’re only bidding on queries that match that exact phrase.

But if you bid on queries with broad match modifiers like +leather +shoes, then that would include queries like “leather work shoes.” By using broad match modifiers, you can usually broaden your keyword pool without having to know the exact phrasing searchers are using. So after you’ve run the ads for long enough, go to the Search terms report and we’re going to look for two things:

#1. New topics that are worth pursuing.

#2. Long-tail queries you may not have optimized for.

A lot of people will stop here as they will get google ads clicks but no conversions. This becomes a different investigation aiming at the content and the landing pages. You can use this google conversion rate calculator to understand where things are going.

Check out the report and look for queries that would make sense to target or look for queries where you already have existing content, that could be better optimized. There is no separate agenda for google ads on android. Also, know google SEO price is cheaper than Facebook.

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Google Search Console

Since search ads allow you to manipulate the title and description, you can try different versions of ad copy to try and find a winning combination. So first, you need to find a page to optimize. Here’s how to increase conversion in google ads.

To do this, go to the Search results report in Google Search Console and make sure that you have an average CTR and the average position selected. Next, set a filter to only show keywords in the top 5 or so positions. Finally, sort the table by CTR in ascending order.

google search console “crawl” reports let you monitor…?

What you’re looking for here are primary keyword targets that have a low CTR, but are ranking in a high position. You’ll also want to ignore branded queries that aren’t yours. So for us, we might ignore keywords like”advanced google search” since people searching for that probably want to actually use Google’s advanced search feature.

You might also want to ignore really broad queries like “HTTPS” as search intent could be mixed or not crystal clear. So for us, a query to run ads on might be”eCommerce SEO” since we have a dedicated page on the topic, we’re ranking in the top3, but have a really low CTR of just 1.6%. These are the advantages of AdWords language targeting quality scores.

google ads

I want to be very clear that I’m not teaching you how to manipulate google ads. It’s important to note that our CTR may not actually be this low since Search Console includes impressions made by bots (i.e. a rank tracker tool), but regardless, we could benefit from improving CTR for this query since the post incorporates our tools pretty heavily. Alright, so the next thing we need to do is create a list of keywords we can bid on for our ad.

So on a filterless version of the search results report, I’ll set a page filter and I’ll enter our eCommerce SEO URL slug here. And from here, you can filter through the queries to find relevant keywords that would be worth targeting. It is very important, that your website is a google ads complaint.

Now, since Search Console shows average positions and won’t show you every keyword you rank for, you can use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer completely free on websites you own. Just sign up for an AWT account and verify your website. After you’re set up, go to Site Explorer and enter the URL you want to analyze.

Next, head on over to the OrganicKeywords report. And here, you can see the keywords the page ranks for, the position we saw it in on this date, and also use these filters to quickly get the data you need. From here, you can start your campaign with various ad copy combinations, run the ads for a period of time, and see which one performs the best.

And after you’ve found a winner, just change your title tag and meta description to get more clicks to your page. The next thing you can do is to get backlinks by advertising for queries with “link intent.” Now, there is a fine line between advertising vs SEO. Some people will naturally earn links consistently simply because they rank at the top of Google. And that’s one of the huge benefits of Google search ads. You can pay to have your page appear at the top of Google’s search results.

But you can’t just advertise for any keyword and expect it to lead to backlinks. Otherwise, you’d burn through your budget with little to show. There is no specific google ads pricing. The more you burn, the more traffic you get. So how do increase PPC conversions? Google ads services may be expensive but can give you the right results when you need them.

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So how to increase conversion in google ads? Based on the Google Adwords results, the goal is to earn backlinks at a reasonable cost, whatever that might be to you. And the best way to do that is to bid on queries that have so-called “link intent”, meaning, the people searching for the query are actually looking for resources to link to.

And who are these people? Bloggers and journalists. You know it once you know how to increase conversion in google ads.

google ads

Finding these queries can be tough and you really won’t know the outcome until you’ve actually paid for the ads and waited for a reasonable period of time. And there are other factors that come into play like the quality of your content. Meaning… if your content is poor, then ads aren’t a magical formula to attract links. But one type of content that we’ve tested with great results is statistics pages.

The ads actually resulted in a good number of high-quality backlinks and it helped us rank in positions 1 and 2 for our target queries. To find topics worth targeting, you can use a tool like Semrush, Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, or the Ubersuggest tool and search for topics related to your industry. This is why the Google ads funnel helps.

This only tells us about the number of monthly searches you can expect from a specific country. But it doesn’t affirm the fact that you can get links from it.

And all you’re really looking for is to see if the top pages have a lot of referring domains pointing at them. And in the case of content marketing statistics, they do. But this still doesn’t tell us whether these pages are earnings links on a consistent basis.

A few of my expert friends suggest simple google ads since that gives you more in return. A few of them also had their google ads account hacked later, not sure how. But my piece of advice would always be to know your website as much as you can. Use Google tag manager to make sure every click gets a name.

This can then be tracked in google analytics. You’re going to see a lot of ups and downs and ups once you get PPC and SEO working together. You just need to know how to increase conversion in google ads.

By now, you must have got an idea of how SEO and Adwords work together. The next time someone is looking for google ads phone number or a google ads help center – redirect them here. All they need to do is be able to find a google ads account and this tutorial will teach them the rest. Make sure you get a google Adwords SEO certification to understand the concepts better.

The only way to get better at getting more conversions is to practice google ads. If you need specific google pay-per-click training – feel free to reach out. These are just a few tactics that I’ve found to be the most actionable so feel free to try them out and if you enjoyed this tutorial, then make sure to like share and subscribe for more actionable SEO and marketing tutorials.

If you need answers to any of the below questions – please leave a comment in the box below and I’ll get back.

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