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What is digital marketing? People make it a lot more complicated than it really is. But, it’s really easy to understand which is why I wanted to write this detailed introduction to digital marketing that will just break it down for you. There will be some internet marketing examples that will make sure you get the idea.

Essentially, Digital Marketing is a form of marketing that encompasses the use of digital tools or channels to communicate with your audience. These are the usual internet users who you create your audience from.

This article is aimed at creating a digital marketing wiki. You can also get started by doing digital marketing courses like the one from Google. The best part – it’s free. If you’re a digital marketing agency you want to understand the digital marketing google rewards.

Digital Marketing Strategy - JasonMascarenhas.com

How to Start With Digital Marketing

A good example of this is a channel that you may use to communicate to your audience is Facebook. When you post on Facebook, whether you have one follower or a million, you’re communicating to your audience. Your products and services will be introduced in the best possible manner to them with every post you make.

If you use tools like a mini chat to put a Facebook message out or text message out, that’s another example of using a tool to communicate to your audience. These are examples of online marketing. Now, businesses can leverage digital channels, such as social media, search engines, emails, and other sites to connect with their audience, right.

So, it’s not necessarily just the channels that you may be thinking of like Instagram or LinkedIn. Search engines are a good example of a channel that’s super popular and so is email.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

I know a lot of people are saying that email is dying, but they’ve been saying that for over 10 years, and trust me, it is not dead. It’s being used more and more and more because it’s a cornerstone of corporate communication.

Email Marketing tends to get you the traffic that no other channel can. It doesn’t cost you as the other digital marketing channels do. You can add other channels, for example sending a social media email to the audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Types of Digital Marketing

Now, there are many different aspects of creating your online presence using marketing. For example, in a digital marketing agency, you may find a social media marketing department or an SEO department, or even a UX department, right.

These are all examples of different departments that can happen to encompass a digital marketing campaign. They all make up one big picture which is creating your brand presence online. That’s the goal.

So, when you think about UX design – how is that related to digital marketing? Well, when someone lands on your website, that’s your brand, that’s your presence.

How are you communicating that message out when people land? That’s all part of digital marketing. Just like when you post an image on Facebook, sometimes that image is a photo, other times it’s graphic. You may be using tools like Canva which is free to create that image.

Now, there’s also traditional marketing. So, I want to break down digital marketing versus traditional marketing so that way there’s no confusion. Traditional marketing is essentially the same idea as digital marketing except for the idea of the online component or the digital component. Traditionally a digital marketing ppt would be enough to take this ahead.

Traditional Marketing Examples

Traditional marketing would be using tools like billboards, print ads, magazines, newspapers, direct mail, phone calls, like dialing and saying hey, would you buy X, Y, and Z from me versus using WhatsApp, which would be more digital. Doing direct phone calls would be more traditional. These are all digital marketing jobs that allow us to take the process ahead.

In other words, traditional encompasses a form of physical marketing. Digital would be using tools like social media channels, emails, search engine optimization, blogging. You pretty much get the picture. So, why does digital marketing matter?

Well, Google and Facebook generate more revenue than any other traditional media company out there because they control more eyeballs. That’s why digital marketing matters. It’s where the attention is.

Google Ads can give you a lot of paid traffic, but you need to make sure it’s going to be relevant. Look around you. Odds are at least half the people that you’re looking at right now have a phone and are on it, right. So targeting mobile users always helps.

I still recommend search engine optimization SEO over a paid search.

I’m not talking about the phones in the pocket, I’m talking about they’re literally on their phones. They got the Apple AirPods in their ears or headphones, they’re doing something with their phone. That’s where people’s attention and eyes are. If that’s where their eyes and attention is that’s where there’s money to be made.

Now, how many of you actually look at billboards? Chances are, a bus comes by with a billboard or you see a billboard on the street, you probably ignore it. That’s why Google and Facebook are much bigger than any traditional media company out there. So, is digital marketing worth it for your business?

Well, chances are it is. It’s worth it for almost every business out there other than ones that are like government-related, and the reason being misgovernment type businesses are more contract basis where you don’t really need digital marketing for that.

But, typically for almost every single business, you can do well through digital marketing. Now, if you’re not sure about where you can get started with digital marketing, you can use tools like Ubersuggest.

You can type in any of your competitor URLs or if you don’t know your competitors you can type in any keywords and Ubersuggest will show you all the people rank for it.

That’ll give you ideas for competitors. Now, what’s beautiful about Ubersuggest is it tells you what keywords your competitors rank for, where they spend their money, what keywords they’re ranking for, what content they’re creating that’s getting social shares from Facebook or Pinterest. It’s telling you what you should focus on to do well, especially if you’re starting out.

In marketing, if you break the fundamentals, no matter how much effort you put in, you will not succeed.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy

In simple words, it is nothing but creating a smart plan to achieve your set goals. How you achieve your goals will all depend on the digital marketing planning you do. Here are a few principles to follow :

The first principle

You need to have clear goals for your marketing. What is your goal? Is it more visitors? or brand awareness? do you want more sales?

If you don’t what you’re optimizing for, you won’t know what you need to do in marketing.

For example, it’s brand awareness it’s all about eyeballs and getting traffic. It’s about sales. It could be about creating a conversion funnel, a lead flow, adding up sales, down sales. If it’s about profitability, it could be about cutting costs on your marketing and figuring out how you can get less traffic, spend less money, but make sure you’ll rein an optimal position, where you’re not paying too much for marketing and your profitability goes up.

The second principle

That you need to follow is you need to understand your target customer. If you don’t know your target customer, no matter what you do, you won’t do well.

Let me share a story from a company called Diamond Foundry. What Diamond Foundry does is, sell diamonds. And these are man-made diamonds.

They still meet all the same requirements that a diamond that you would find on the Earth, and a human eye can’t tell the difference and even if a diamond specialist looked under a scope, they won’t see any difference. But here is the difference.

Diamond Foundry can produce that diamond for pennies on the dollar versus having people go mine for them and find them in the field. So Diamond Foundry decided that they wanted to sell these diamonds at a truly affordable price to help people out.

Can you guess what happened to their revenue sales? It tanked. Do you know why? No one wanted affordable diamonds.

They felt that if something was affordable, it wasn’t going to be good.

Even though that’s not true, that’s what their customers believed. Their business started growing and it grew really fast and things started to work out.

Can you guess what change they made? They increased their prices. They made more sales by charging more money for their product. In other words, if you don’t know your customers.

What makes them tick. What makes them buy and why. You won’t grow your sales, your traffic, or accomplish any of your goals.

And you won’t find this out by just looking at a Google Analytics Screenshot. You got to talk to your customers.

Get to know them. Meet them in person. Do coffee with them.

A survey using tools like Survey Monkey. Whatever it may be, by talking with them you’ll get more insights so you can keep adjusting them and do better over time.

The third principle

that you need to follow is you need to have something that differentiates you. If you don’t have anything differentiating you from the competition, they’re just going to look at price, quality, reviews. It’s not going to get people to go to you. The moment you differentiate yourself, you can do so much better.

A good example of this is Apple’s expensive, but the reason I pay for a MacBook or an iPhone is that all the devices work so well together and they do the main things, that I want, really well in a simplistic way. So the key is not just to be another me-too player and have nothing that differentiates you. You need to figure out how you can make yourself stand out.

And you may not know this right away. You may have to interview people. Talk with your potential customers. You have to figure out what your competitors aren’t doing that you could be doing.

All these things will help you figure out how to differentiate yourself.

The last principle

I know they say marketing’s moving to an omnichannel approach. I even say that. It’s true. But you need to focus your efforts on one channel at a time.

Handle one channel. Do really well at it and then expand into two channels.

Once you do well in two channels, then go for three, then four, and then five. But if you can’t get one channel right, what makes you think that you can do all seven or 10 or 20 at once?

You need to have laser focus. And you were trying to figure out what channel you should do first because you probably picked a channel that you’re really good at because that’s giving you the best odds of succeeding. You can also look at your competitors and see what’s giving them traffic.

A Quick Tip

Video Content is a new thing. Facebook and Google promote digital media when it comes to video. They want people to stick to their mobile devices than a Television. So if want to see marketing automation working, make sure the majority of your content is Video.

That is all you have to know about digital marketing to get started. If you need help growing your business, getting more traffic, feel free to reach out. If you enjoyed reading the article like it, share it. Leave a comment below and I’ll answer it.

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