How To Create a Digital Marketing Strategy – The Ambitious Case Study Of Narendra Modi

Digital Marketing Done Right

Digital marketing has been the new normal for almost a decade. Only a few of us have been able to crack the concept. Every business today needs a Digital Marketing Strategy in order to survive in the online world, even politics.

In this article, we learn how to create a digital marketing strategy. We’ll learn how to use it based on the case study of our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Remember, this made him win the elections twice.

I ran a quick survey on Twitter recently to understand the wave and the results were as mentioned below :

Let’s first get to understand digital marketing meaning. It is a part of marketing that employs the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop workstations, cell phones, and other digital tools and sources to advertise your products and services.

The digital marketing definition may sound a little complicated but it is similar to what we’ve been doing traditionally – just using tools and strategies on the internet. The easiest way to know this is to start your own digital marketing blogs.

Search Engine Optimization Or SEO is off-page SEO where you do everything else to drive traffic to your website.

The marketing style of Narendra Modi is different than the others. He’s set an example of why a digital marketing strategy for a brand should be created and followed. This data-driven marketing is here to stay and the example I share today will be spoken in history.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy is basically a plan laid down by a team of specialists that will be followed in order to make a brand popular.

This concept takes over the traditional marketing methods to make sure your online presence is created and stable in people’s minds. Also, read this article to understand the Effective Strategies For Digital Marketing That You Can Use.

We’ve lived on earth and we’ve explored the moon and now we live on the internet. We follow the digital marketing strategy framework and keep moving in the direction to achieve the goal.

If politics was Dream 11, I’d put all my money on the Narendra Modi marketing team. This works best as a digital marketing strategy statement. It takes a while to digest how big the reach of the concept is or what digital marketing is.

FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out

Is digital marketing important? Digital Marketing and Social Media go hand in hand. We all have a smartphone and a social media account where we remain active at all times.

The account is mostly for us to avoid FOMO and keep up with the world news. We want to know what our friends are doing and what they are thinking about current affairs – basically being updated with the news.

So when you meet them or are in a social gathering you have your opinions ready. This is why the term Social Media was born. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even your Gmail. You know what is going on and you know what you need to be updated with. This is the electronic marketing bubble we live in.

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Internet Marketing can make you think in a certain way and make you believe things. In short, can also make sure Rahul Gandhi becomes India’s favorite person overnight for the Prime Minister’s position and hence win the elections in 2024.

Why digital marketing is important? It has helped Salman Khan rehabilitate his image and gain a humongous amount of fan following over the years. He releases one movie every year and makes sure he spends well on the promotions, mostly on online marketing.

The Case Study of Brand Creation

The Digital Marketing strategy of the Bhartiya Janata Party applied which was used as the best case study for creating a Brand. You need a team to succeed and achieve the goals you’ve laid. This is where the BJP social media cell came into the picture.

The budget was arranged from the big Indian Business houses that were used over the next few years and were promised huge contracts in return as seen now. This has so far helped the BJP social media team do wonders.

Digital Marketing Done Right -
The Most Popular Prime Minister Of India – Digital Marketing Done Right

Is digital marketing a good career? Not a lot of people had a digital marketing wiki available around 2010-11 and hence no other candidates had a plan so strong. Also, this wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. Either way, this going to be a job for a single digital marketing agency.

You can imagine how many marketing agencies were hired for the job. As a digital marketing consultant, this would have been a dream project to work on. Every digital marketing specialist wants to work on something big like this at least once. As a matter of fact, this step did open doors for a lot of digital marketing jobs in India.

The Advantage – How to do Digital Marketing

Congress had lost credibility despite the past 10 stable years and Our Honorable Ex-Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh leading all this while. Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi during this period had gained enough name with Gujarat’s infrastructure and progress.

It required only a couple of years to make sure there were enough advertisements and content on the internet to read every day about Narendra Modi. Amit Shah has apparently the brains and the BJP social media cell head to make this happen.

Dr. Manmohan Singh during his time made a name for himself for staying quiet and not commenting on National Issues. This and the limited knowledge of Congress for interactive marketing was used as an advantage to the market.

They could make people believe that there was no other candidate even remotely close to Narendra Modi. They made sure the word was spread like fire.

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

There were different types of digital marketing campaigns run every day, especially over the weekends and I’m not counting television ads, paid news channel prime time, or the huge hoardings on almost every signal.

There are 7 types of marketing that make an impact.

Their digital marketing strategy included all of the above.

Once online, you could see him all over your device and every device. The targeting was huge and perfect. Every online marketing tactic used was successful and hitting the right spot. More web-marketing means you ensure more users to your business. This is how digital marketing works.

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Digital Marketing Done Right -
Narendra Modi Telling You To Do Something

Re-targeting and Re-marketing

This concept was released by both Google and Facebook almost at the same time after realizing their ads could do wonders. Google lets you check a box on their Adword panel or currently google ads panel to check the re-marketing box while setting up your ad.

Facebook calls it re-targeting and has Pixel which is basically a piece of code to be added to your website header. This enables them both to re-show your ads to the people who may have seen it but scrolled over.

This is based on the cookie placed in your device by the ad so no matter what website you visit or app you open, you’ll see the ad over and over.

Content Marketing

The Gujarat Model was advertised as the best thing that India ever had and hence making Narendra Modi as the God to improve the country’s situation. This already helps in creating a digital marketing strategy template.

Even the best digital marketing agency who were not a part of the plan began creating content and writing about the change in order to stay in the business.

Re-marketing was the new normal for ads. On average, every 7th time the ad is shown to you – you end up buying the product.

This is where google trends and Twitter trends came into existence and became a part of Content Marketing. With news trending, every day their internet marketing agency had a lot of things to share and stories to tell.

For example, Narendra Modi’s marriage sacrifice or him leaving the house to dedicate his life to the country and during the elections getting a blessing from his mother. Creating empathy always works in India.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

You have to make sure you keep sharing content with your subscribers to keep them engaged. This way you are always on their mind and the chances of your posts being shared and your website receiving traffic increases. People were made to feel good about ad campaigns that kept telling them the same thing over and over.

All of the campaigns were in people’s favor. Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi, Abki Baar Modi Sarkar, and the best one – Ache din aane wale hai. All of the three campaigns were statements for change. If you keep hearing the same thing over and over, you end up believing it. Heavy advertising made sure this was happening.

India needed a change for a long time and as per the email and mobile marketing campaigns – Narendra Modi was THE change. For example, your mobile phones were all filled up with content related to demonetization which people hated.

However, there was enough positive content to cover up the negative news which was probably planned at least a couple of weeks ahead of the date. Online Reputation Management made sure there were is new content available the next day to fix what was broken. This is the Content Marketing Strategy done right.

Leading by Example and Reusing Materials

When you already have information shared by someone that is ranking on google, do your own research and come up with something even more interesting related to the topic.

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Add info-graphics and make it viral so someone else does the same. The Narendra Modi ad campaigns became one of the greatest digital marketing examples in the history of the world its birth. It was noticed and used again immediately.

This time it was another big election for another democracy and the way to victory was already led by an example. The name this time was Donald Trump. The method was aggressive and powerful Digital Marketing and the results were in his favor.

There have been many more digital marketing examples throughout countries. Social media companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter did have to answer any miscalculations in their code favoring the elections.

Digital Marketing Done Right -

The After Effects Of Digital Marketing

The remains of the digital marketing strategy ensured that he was ready to compete and win the next elections in 2019. As of today, he has 61.4 million followers on Twitter as compared to Rahul Gandhi’s 15.7 Million.

He throws a different attitude on Instagram by not following anyone and yet having 48 million followers. Use the Narendra Modi marketing strategy for the best results.

His Facebook account has another 45 million followers to keep engaged with his news. With the number of followers he currently has, he doesn’t have to spend another penny because every post he makes will be viral already even if 10% of the followers share it. This helps gain organic traffic from social media.

Not to forget, the content marketing strategy and planning include being prepared and able to drop new content every day for the rest of the month for these followers.

You need to know the holidays for the month and have already written unique content about it. The rest of the content topics can be picked up from Google Trends. The bigger your budget, the more followers you get.

The Moral

So is digital marketing the future? The learning is simple when you’re providing digital marketing services to a business – you’re only goal should be to convert them into a huge brand.

As mentioned earlier, the concept is still new for a lot of us and hence the learning will never stop. As a digital marketing agency, you need to make use of every tool available online to increase your reach.

The budgets should be used with every opportunity to capitalize and reach your target market. Make sure you know your market well and their behavior. You need to know the different personas and cater to them with the right content.

The concept is worth exploring in 2020 and is going to be the future so it will make sense to enroll in a digital marketing course.

Grab your digital marketing certification from Udemy, Upgrad, or Simplilearn. They’re all good institutes to learn from. Digital marketing jobs are booming today and the salary ranges from starts from 8 lacs pa to 12 lacs pa in India if you have the right expertise. Alternatively, you can also join BJP social media team to learn more. JK.

As a giveaway, do read this digital marketing pdf to understand the basics. Visit SlideShare for a digital marketing strategy ppt. Do you have more information to add to the above? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

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