Email Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Click-Through Rate and Boost Sales

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Is email marketing dead? nope, it’s very much alive and performs much better than most of your ways to bring in traffic. We’ll also be discussing email marketing benefits as we move ahead.

The word email brings you all the work you need to finish from your outlook inbox right now. Currently, it’s all about getting this done via communication. Then they figured, hey we could get things done from our customers too! Let’s send them some work. And hence the power of Email Marketing was born. Email mkt as it is known fondly is as simple as explained below.

If you’re using a free email id like Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL, look at the promotions tab right now. There are so many email marketing examples to follow and use as successful test cases. It’s all about letting your users know what’s new and making them eager to click on your emails and take an action. You start seeing the results because of your marketing emails.

The Email Marketing Warm-Up

Emails are one of the best sources for visitors and sales for your online business, but there’s an issue. As an email marketer, you send emails and no ones reading them, opening them, or even getting them. They could be going to people’s spam box.

The first thing you need to know is, when you start sending people emails, you need to warm them up. If you have an email list of let’s say 100,000, and I’m going to the extreme, you wouldn’t want to just fire off and shoot off 100,000 emails right away.

Every email provider out there, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, what they do is, if you send a ton of emails and people don’t open them up, your emails will automatically start going to people’s spam box.

Email Marketing -
Email Marketing –

As you warm them up and you only start sending a few like 1,000, and then the next day, you start sending 3,000 or 4,000, and then from there, you send 10,000 then 15,000 then 20,000 then 40,000 then 60,000 and then maybe 100,000, what you’ll find is, you’ll be warming up these ISPs like the AOL’s and the Gmails. They’ll be more comfortable with your emails and they’ll be putting them in the inbox.

Have a look at the promotions tab that have emailed asking you to hurry up buy stuff or you’ll end up missing something. Those are big brands with a huge customer base creating an emergency so the email can be clicked and sold. Marketing emails tend to get ignored.

It is important that you have consent from your customers before you send them an email in bulk. These are called subscribers or customers who have opted to receive your emails. Emails may be the oldest method of marketing your brand but will continue to grow and be bigger with time.

The Subject Line Magic

The next thing you need to know is your email subject lines need to be casual. When you send people emails that are friends, use a casual subject line. You’re not always capitalizing every single word. You’re not that proper. That’s how it should be, because when you send someone an email with a casual subject line, they’re like, “Oh, this could be a friend, let me just open it.”

Email List Scrubbing/Filter

The third thing you have to do is scrub your email list. If you keep sending people emails that are opening it, eventually, these ISPs will be like, “Hmm, you’re sending all these emails to AOL but most of the people you’re sending emails to aren’t opening it, so we’re assuming that all your emails are spam and we’re just going to put all your emails in the spam box.”

If you take your emails and only send them to people who are opening, in other words, scrub your list. Marketing emailing works when you work smart.

Email Marketing -
Email Marketing –

Once a month, for all the people who don’t open any of your emails, assuming you’re sending out at least four or five emails. If you’re not sending out more than four or five emails, then you shouldn’t scrub your list once a month. You should scrub it after you send out four or five emails each and every single time. If you send out more than that within a month, then just do it on a monthly basis.

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Text-Based Emails

This is very important, send text-based emails. When you send promotional emails, they tend to have images. Providers know this. That’s how you end up in the Gmail Promotions tab. When you send text-based emails, Google or Gmail is like, “Oh, cool, this could be a friendly personal email, so let me put this within the inbox.”

Sure, your text-based email will have some HTML, but it won’t have as much compared to those fancy, templated emails which are terrible for deliverability. Follow those four things and your emails will start going in within people’s inboxes. They’ll be opening them up. You’ll be getting more clicks and more sales. Best of luck with getting your emails delivered.

How to do Email Marketing yourself?

There are a million reasons why email marketing is important to your business and you see it only when you implement it. It’s not that easy, and it’s definitely not very difficult. You just need to understand the basics and the concepts of what you are doing. For starters, it’s illegal to send bulk emails in most of the countries from your domain name. You could be blocked for being commercial without the right licenses.

For e.g. if you’re selling cold drinks and you send emails to 5000 people that a new line of the cold drink is being launched – that is illegal because you’re licensed to sell cold drinks and that is your primary job and not send emails. This will be tagged as spam.

Email Marketing -
Email Marketing –

This is why you need email marketing done right. I haven’t heard of Jail Time for Spamming but your domain name will be categorized by most of the web scanners as malicious in their databases. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media won’t let you post or share your website links, etc. and so will google kill the domain authority which is essential for SEO, so no page ranking on Google. That is going to be more than Jail Time.

Email Marketing Service Providers

This is where the Email Service Providers come in to picture. Their only job is to send emails and hence they acquire the licenses to do so as their primary job. There are various email marketing tools available in the marketing that have high popularity as serve well as email service providers.

This is required in order to send emails to a huge customer base. Every company has an audience to sell or cater to and hence has to have an email marketing strategy in place. This stage is planning for sales and website visitors and it also needs to be monitored. Here you get to define what the users will see, the call to action, and the content.

Email Marketing -
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How Effective is Email Marketing 2020

There are different types of email marketing right from welcoming the customer to your website, to running promotions, newsletters, sales campaigns, etc.

To execute your strategy you need to run an email marketing campaign. You need to decide which one goes when in order to keep the customers hooked up to your company. I’ll be doing a quick email marketing tutorial video that will give you an understanding of what this trade is important.

It is more effective than mobile marketing and serves as an important part of Digital Marketing and hence we need to be an expert in this area. Once you run the campaign, the statistics tell you the story about the effectiveness of the strategy. The customers basically give you the pulse of their current satisfaction with your company.

The best part of buying services from the email service providers is ready to send email marketing templates they make available with the plans. Without sweating much, you already have your type of email categorized. All you need to do is change the content and you’re ready to roll.

The email marketing software not only does its job but also shares the results with you. This includes information like the number of times people opened your email and clicked the call to action, etc.


There are various tools available in the market but one of the best email marketing software I came across was MailChimp. If you’re a beginner and want some practice around this trade, you have to get yourself a MailChimp login. They also provide an email marketing course to get you started.

They have a free plan where you get to send emails to up to 2000 people on your list after which you can follow the affordable MailChimp pricing to take this further. If you’re using WordPress for your websites, they already have the MailChimp API integrated with the plugin so all you have to do is install and connect.

The first email, sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 denoted the start of the advanced correspondence time. The message was not much, a progression of numbers and letters that looked more like a secret word than a message, yet its importance was significant.

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Email Marketing -
Email Marketing –

The email was sent starting with one PC then onto the next, going through an organization of machines similar to the web we know today. Tomlinson additionally presented the “@” image in an email delivers to the world.

Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp, sent the principal business email years after the fact, where the message arrived at a list of email addresses. Also, presto, email marketing was conceived. There were two or three hundred individuals on the list, yet that was sufficient for Thuerk to guarantee the mantle, “Father of Spam.”

Today, we’re immersed with email marketing efforts, and truly, some of it actually feels nasty, yet there’s no denying the effect an all around made message can have on your clients—also CRM and lead sustaining.

Email marketing causes you to associate with your crowd to advance your image and increment deals. You can do a lot of things with messages, similar to sell items, share some news, improve your truck relinquishment rate or recount a story.

With Mailchimp’s campaign builder, it’s anything but difficult to locate the correct email formats for any message—regardless of whether you’re inviting new endorsers, advising clients of a deal, or wishing somebody a cheerful birthday.

At the point when you need to impart something about your image or sell your stuff, email advertising is one of the savviest approaches to do as such.

Indeed, a recent report by the DMA found that for each $1 spent, email has a normal $38 rate of profitability (ROI). At the point when customers are prepared to purchase something, they regularly search for messages from their #1 stores.

In any case, individuals get increasingly more email constantly, and it very well may be trying to hang out in full inboxes. That is the reason Mailchimp gives you the instruments you need to sparkle (additionally, we have plenty of proven tips on sending extraordinary messages) and create successful email marketing efforts.

You’ll see the most elevated ROI when you construct and keep a drew in endorser list, comprised of individuals who need to get your messages (and who picked in deliberately). In spite of the fact that building a perfect list can take more work at the start of your email advertising system, Mailchimp records have implicit devices to help you en route.

There are bunches of approaches to discover individuals who’ll anticipate getting your messages, yet we’ve gathered together not many that work best.

To fabricate an email list:

Make an information exchange structure on your site. At the point when individuals go to your site unexpectedly and like what they see, they’ll need an approach to remain aware of everything about your image. Make a structure for bulletin information exchanges and introduce a spring up to gather client information from your guests.

Utilize a classic information exchange sheet. Regardless of whether it’s at your physical store, or an occasion that you’re facilitating or joining in, when you’re encircled by individuals who are into what you do, give a spot to them to join and find out additional.

Drive information exchanges through online media. In the event that you don’t have a significant email list (or you’d much the same as to see it develop), yet you have a drawn in web-based media following, tap into that asset. Offer your information exchange structure on your social channels.

To add more endorsers of a current list:

Host a challenge or offer a rebate. We’re huge enthusiasts of offering individuals an impetus to hint up for your email list — and we realize that challenges work. Have a go at offering a prize for some fortunate new supporter or a rebate code for a first buy.

Make your messages simple to share. When you make wonderful, convincing messages, with a ton of important data individuals will need to share them. Mailchimp gives you includes (like offer catches and online media post manufacturers) that let the word about your messages spread rapidly.

Assemble a greeting page through Mailchimp. Points of arrival offers one all the more methods to develop your email list. Utilizing your best symbolism and substance, points of arrival give individuals a reasonable source of inspiration and drive email information exchanges way, far up.

Can I buy an email list?

No. You ought not accepting an email list (and in case you’re utilizing Mailchimp, you can’t utilize an email show you bought).

Bought records are insufficient, and they sway every other person who utilizes Mailchimp, as well. On the off chance that you send messages to a list of individuals whose contact information you purchased, a large number of the messages will get distinguished as spam and you’ll likewise get high withdrawal rates. Some email spam channels will hail an email crusade in the event that anybody with a similar IP has sent spam before.

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At the point when you use Mailchimp, your email is conveyed through their servers, so on the off chance that one individual sends spam, it could keep other clients’ messages from coming to inboxes.

Try not to utilize outsider records. This incorporates bought or leased mailing records, and records scratched from outsider sources, including public sites.

Emaiil Marketing -
Email Marketing –

Get authorization. Everybody on your list ought to have picked in to get messages from you, and their authorization should be express and evident.

Incorporate a withdrawal interface. Government hostile to spam laws expect you to give individuals an approach to withdraw from your list in each campaign you send.

Regardless of whether you’re beginning your first email marketing effort or you’re a prepared email expert, Mailchimp has the apparatuses and backing you need. With a wide exhibit of highlights that do everything from promoting robotization to following apparatuses to improving your messages through split testing.

How Much Will Email Marketing Cost?

At the point when you make a Mailchimp account, you have the alternative to choose a Free or paid arrangement. So in case you’re simply getting off the ground, you can figure out how to showcase more intelligence so you can become quicker. You can stay on the Free arrangement as long as you have 2,000 or fewer contacts in your crowd.

In addition, we enable you with bunches of good proposals (and fun email marketing tips!) about the proper behavior on information from your contacts so you can send messages that individuals really read. We will assist you in making fruitful email marketing efforts.

We’re here when you need us. During your initial 30 days with Mailchimp, we offer admittance to all day, every day a-list uphold for nothing so you capitalize for you.

If You Need Help Getting Started With Email Marketing

In the event that you’d prefer to stay in contact with me for any assistance needed, feel free to reach out on my social media handle @jasonmdigital or email me using the contact page. Regardless of whether you’re hitting a detour with an email you’re composing or need more data about how something functions, you’ll get all the assistance you need. Furthermore, when you’re prepared to take your email promotion to the following level, we have plans for that, as well.

Email Marketing Field Guide

Email marketing is one of the most financially savvy approaches to advance your business, regardless of whether you will probably assemble your image or sell more stuff. Figure out how to make an email marketing plan, plan viable messages up and down your business channel, test them, and improve your deliverability rates. At that point find the intensity of advertising computerization and how to quantify the achievement of your messages.

Email Design Guide

The introduction is everything, or so they state. In view of this familiar saying, we’ve incorporated our best tips for any individual who needs to send messages that endorsers click into a convenient email configuration direct. We cover every aspect of configuration: content, formats, character, shading, pictures, design, text styles, and suggestions to take action. The configuration is as much science as it is workmanship, and we remove the mystery from what can seem like the most testing some portion of sending great messages.

Email Design Reference

In the event that you need to code your own messages, you have the opportunity to do as such. Yet, this is high-level expertise that requires a decent piece of specialized ability. This is what you need to take the coding jump—regardless of whether you’re simply beginning, pondering about the rudiments of HTML messages, or searching for a manual for coding them.

Can I test my emails?

Obviously, you can! With A/B testing instruments, similar to those offered via Mailchimp, you can do part testing and test upwards of three varieties for crusades.

You can likewise guinea pig lines, content, from names, and send times. You can test your compass as well; that is the number of individuals who get your messages. Continuously improve your messages for better outcomes.

To begin with, pick the factor that characterizes accomplishment for you. It very well may be snapped, opens, or cash procured. We’ll gather the outcomes, and show you the victor. Furthermore, you can mechanize it as well. Simply advise Mailchimp to naturally convey the triumphant campaign. It’s truly pretty simple.

You can also check out this Advanced Email Marketing Strategies Video Course for help. If you need any further information related to Email Marketing or would like to share any email marketing tips feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to @jasonmdigital

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