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Email Marketing Done Right : The Step By Step Beginners Guide

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The Basics

The word email brings you all the work you need to finish you from your outlook inbox right now. Currently, its all about getting this done via communication. Then they figured, hey we could get things done from our customers too! Lets send them some work. And hence power of Email Marketing was born. If you’re using a free email id like gmail, yahoo or AOL, look at the promotions tab right now. There are so many email marketing examples in the market to follow and use as successful test cases. Its all about letting your users know whats new and making them eager to click on your emails and take an action. You start seeing the results when you have Email Marketing done right.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Nope. Its very well alive and kickin.

Have a look at the promotions tab that have emails asking you to hurry up buy stuff or you’ll end up missing something. Those are big brands with huge customer base creating an emergency so the email can be clicked and sold. It is important that you have consent from your customers before you send them an email in bulk. These are called optin customers or customers who have opted to received your emails. Emails may be the oldest method of marketing your brand but will continue to grow and be bigger with time.

How to do Email Marketing yourself?

There are a million reasons to why email marketing is important to your business and you see it only when you implement it. Its not that easy, and its definitely not very difficult. You just need to understand the basics and the concepts of what you are doing. For starters, its illegal to send bulk emails in most of the countries from your domain name. You could be blocked for being commercial without the right licences.

For e.g. if you’re selling cold drinks and you send emails to 5000 people that a new line of cold drink is being launched – that is illegal because you’re licensed to sell cold drinks and that is your primary job and not send emails. This will be tagged as spam. This is why you need email marketing done right. I haven’t heard of Jail Time for Spamming but your domain name will be categorized by most of the web scanners as malicious in their databases. Facebook, Twitter and other social media wont let you post or share your website links, etc. and so will google kill the domain authority which is essential for SEO, so no page ranking on Google. That is going to be more than Jail Time.

Email Marketing Done Right

This is where the Email Service Providers come in to picture. Their only job is to send emails and hence they acquire the licenses to do so as their primary job. There are various email marketing tools available in the marketing that have high popularity as serve well as email service providers.

This is required in order to send emails to a huge customer base. Every company has an audience to sell or cater to and hence has to have an email marketing strategy in place. This stage is planning for sales and website visitors and it also needs to be monitored. Here you get to define what the users will see, the call to action and the content.

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How Effective is Email Marketing 2019

There are different types of email marketing right from welcoming the customer to your website, to running promotions, newsletters, sales campaigns etc. To execute your strategy you need to run an email marketing campaign. You need to decide which one goes when in order to keep the customers hooked up to your company. I’ll be doing a quick email marketing tutorial video that will give you an understanding of what this trade is important.

It is more effective than mobile marketing and serves as an important part of Digital Marketing and hence we need to be an expert in this area. Once you run the campaign, the statistics tell you the story about the effectiveness of the strategy. The customers basically give you the pulse of their current satisfaction with your company.

The best part of buying services from the email service providers is the ready to send email marketing templates they make available with the plans. Without sweating much, you already have your type of email categorized. All you need to do is change the content and you’re ready to roll. The email marketing software not only does its job but also shares the results with you. This includes information like, the number of times people opened your email and clicked the call to action, etc.


There are various tools available in the market but one of the best email marketing software i came across was mailchimp. If you’re a beginner and want some practice around this trade, you have to get yourself a mailchimp login. They have a free plan where you get to send emails to upto 2000 people in your list after which you can follow the affordable mailchimp pricing to take this further. If you’re using WordPress for your websites, they already have the mailchimp api integrated with the plugin so all you have to do is install and connect.

I’m a fan so far because it does what its supposed to do for email marketing hence mailchimp alternatives arent as big as this is. You would know what i’m talking about once you get yourself a mailchimp account. They probably researched well around silicon valley and the small businesses and hence figured it would be a great idea to launch mailchimp for startups where the free plan kicks in. Not a lot of tools top the free email marketing tools category or even the best email marketing tools category on google at the same time. It continues to be the best email marketing software 2020. So if you’re looking for a bulk email marketing software in India or anywhere in the world, you know what to get.

If you need any further information related to Email Marketing, feel free to reach out to me or read my blog.

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