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The Well Planned Marketing Campaign With Arnab, Rhea and Kangana

How Marketing is Planned -

So what exactly happened since the last three months. Was there a Marketing Campaign run?

Sushant Singh Rajput Committed Suicide. Rhea got blamed for his death first, supported later for all the trouble she went through and arrested in the end for something else. Kangana Ranaut made sure she took complete advantage of the situation and stayed in the news all along. She first took on Bollywood and Karan Johar with the nepotism appeal and later the current government of Maharashtra and the chief minister.

Marketing Campaign -

The good thing about marketing is, people will believe what you show them. This is why video and content marketing are boosting today. Create good content, plan it well and you will achieve the results you were aiming at. Planning is very important in Digital Marketing. You have to make sure you have a brilliant plan in place to engage your audience. They have to receive regular juicy content from time to time also because since they follow you, they expect from you. The content has to be way better than what you had already delivered.

If you connect the dots from the above digital marketing strategy to the current Rhea, Arnab and Kangana story, you’ll be able to relate to the rest of the article. Now, while you are already trying to create the story in your mind – let me document it so you can match well.

Before the Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide

There were a few things going on before this happened and i don’t call it related. Shivsena surprisingly came into power in Maharashtra with a brilliant political game. Devendra Fadnavis led the government for the last 5 years, however could not get majority with the 2019 elections. They formed a government with Ajit Pawar of NCP as Deputy CM who resigned 3 days later. The BJP Supporters aka Bhakts were stunned with this unexpected politics.

This brought Shivsena into power and made Uddhav Thackeray the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. This part was important to know since we have our honorable chief minister as a part of this story. November 2019 marked a new rivalry between BJP and Shivsena. I’m not a supporter of either of the parties and pardon me for preferring NOTA. BJP is known for aggressive politics and excellent digital marketing. They kept attacking Shivsena with every decision and continued to be a strong opposition.

The Unexpected Coronavirus Phase

The Coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 shocked the entire country. The ingestion happened in January and we were already late to act. The Janata Curfew on March 22nd was a welcome kick off step. The Government of Maharashtra and India had a huge issue to resolve and they did their best. It was satisfying to watch our Honorable Prime Minister and Chief Minister connect with us weekly.

Marketing Campaign -

However, unable to manage the huge and busy populations – both the Major Parties BJP and Shivsena failed to bend the curve. We currently have the 2nd highest number of cases in the world after United States which brings me the beautiful memories of Doland Trumps visit in Ahmadabad in March 2020 just before the Janata Curfew.

Sushant Singh Rajput Commits Suicide

One fine lazy sunday afternoon as we finished our heavy lunch, came along a shocking news of Sushant Singh Rajput committing suicide. The news was disturbing for the entire country. He wasnt a huge star but did have enough following to make the news a big one. This comes are a time where great actors like Rishi Kapoor and Irfan Khan had already departed. This also came at a time when four days after Disha Salians suicide.

Sushant Singh Rajput's dialogue from Dil Bechara goes viral, fans flood Twitter with emotional memes - bollywood - Hindustan Times

The next day was totally different. People had their marketing calendars planned with what to shoot when. The angle for murder was being promoted on news channels. People were made to believe this was a murder by showing flaws in the investigation. All this while people sat at their homes observing lockdown and proving their investigations with tweets and whatsapp message forwards.

Digital Marketing gives you the best ROI when the post you send is viral. There were interviews by people who appeared out of nowhere and suggested he was jobless and depressed because of nepotism in the film industry and this is people apart from Kangana.

Rhea Chakraborty Under Radar – Marketing Campaign Begins

Investigations began as no suicide note was found. Rhea Chakraborty was investigated because she lived with him. News channels decided to use this to their advantage. She and her family was followed with cameras and stalked everywhere. This was the level of hunger for news. The Case count for Covid-19 was at its all time highest number. But the media was brave enough to take the step ahead and gather around her building everyday. The GDP is the lowest ever but the case was no more about Sushant Singh Rajput.

Marketing Campaign -

Basics Of Marketing

When learning digital marketing, the thumb rule is content. Your Marketing Campaign cannot be false. Do not create fake or misleading content no matter how much traffic it would provide you, you will loose goodwill later. Do Not create content based on assumptions. Make sure you have enough data backed to you share if you’re sharing facts. its OK if your posts are not getting enough likes and shares, they will eventually.

Arnabs Triggers Republics Marketing Campaign

Arnab is a big name in the media. He has always been in the news and owns a channel. This means he has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. To talk about facts – To talk data and share it with people of the country. He used be the face of TimesNow and made a name for himself before he was soldout to BJP before the 2014 elections. Now this is a fact you can ignore as a bhakt and call me anti-national if you wish, but i would have accepted the offer too if i was Arnab.

The most important scorecard for a news channel is the TRP ratings basis which he will get paid.

How can Arnab Goswami's Republic TV have viewership about 5000 times that of NDTV? - Quora

Trivia – Why do Actors Get Paid So Much?

Answer – Because they have a skill to make you believe what hasn’t happened.

Arnab is a brilliant actor and i enjoyed every show did during the three months of debate. The marketing campaign was so well planned, every hashtag he created went viral on Instagram and Twitter. That’s exactly how you extend your social media marketing by making use of the ongoing news. He even entertained us before that when he said he was attacked by Congress. I equally hate congress but this was awesome ROFL. Dont believe me, enjoy the below video :

The point being, when you possess a niche skill backed with huge followers that you gained over a period of time via a marketing campaign – You can sell. Even if the product is called Coronil. 😀 This is why having a huge following is so important. Arnab has a net worth of Rs.383 crores.

Kangana Loses It After All

Now Kangana is Magic. She can talk for hours about the same thing over and over and make you feel she is a victim of everything that is wrong with the world. FYI, she cannot be a victim. She initially started her marketing campaign with the keyword nepotism later attacking Karan Johar and the other producers of the industry. She switched her agenda to attacking ShivSena and the government when she realized Aditya Thackeray was co-incidentally born a day before Sushants suicide. So She did this :

I’ve already mentioned how powerful and aggresive BJPs marketing campaigns are when it comes to Digital Marketing. Amit Shah mentioned they have over 32 lakh WhatsApp accounts in UP alone from where they can make any message viral overnight. So Aditya Thackeray could a possible murderer along with Arbaaz Khan, Showik Chakraborty and Suraj Pancholi. Yes, that hero from hero. As per a viral message during the investigation period, the four of them had raped and murdered Disha Salian and killed Sushant after his birthday party because he knew about the rape and was going to report it. Death of Marketing. ROFL kangana ranaut net worth is around 93 crores. She produces her own films and does a lot of brand endorsements for which she charges around 1 crore.

Marketing Campaign -

Results Of The Marketing Campaign

People have forgotten about the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide/murder case. Nobody cares what it was. So if Aditya Thackrey and his celebrity team was involved, they’re safe now. Well played ShivSena.

ShivSena is in the bad books of people as they ended up breaking Kangana’s office as revenge. They continue to remain in power however BJP’s cards worked well with Kangana. Well Played BJP.

Kangana Ranaut called Mumbai POK and is still being supported by BJP for creating a spat with ShivSena. She switched her agenda from Nepotism to politics because you know the trivia – Niche Skills + Massive Followers = Anything She Said is True. In Return, ShivSena banned Arnabs channel in Maharashtra. I miss watching my favorite comedy show. 😐

You Saw and Heard What You Were Told and Hence Believed. I’m sure there is a bigger calendar planned and we should look forward to better our marketing campaign skills by learning from them. 🙂

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