Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Religion in India

religion in india

The concept of God is cool and funny at the same time. It’s a huge business in India and a serious thing to follow. You go against or speak against it and you will have a bad rest of the year. God may or may not punish you but the people will. Religion in India is Orgasmic AF.

Spoiler Alert: Do not talk about religion in India.

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Religion In India

One of India’s major problems is Religion and we all know it well but you may even get killed if you question the faith. We’ve fought over this topic over and over and are still fighting about it.

We’ve released movies with messages showing how politicians use religion in India to manipulate people and save their vote banks. And yet we still end up fighting and following the same path.

People get converted for money, food, and other means of livelihood. Religious conversion in India is very common and works with almost all the communities. It’s as simple as porting in your number to a new cell phone network for better coverage.

The current political situation is even weirder. If you speak against the current government in power, you are speaking against Hinduism and hence do not deserve to live in India.

You are also an anti-national, terrorist, jihadi Muslim (even you’re a Gujarati or Bengali) and deserve to be hated. Try it! Muslims getting married to Hindu girls in India is known as love-jihad.

Religion is the most trusted concept which is told in different patterns and storybooks mostly driven to achieve the same goal. Even the definitions suggest it’s a complicated and controversial subject – in other words, may cause harm to you if you speak or go against it – since it’s also mentioned in the storybooks.

These are also known as holy books. The stories have a lead character or a hero with superpowers (like David Blaine or Chris Angel) usually God himself or someone sent by God. They can do miracles like walking on water or flying in the sky. There is sometimes also a debate around what religion in India should dominate concluding to terrorism at times. Not Kidding!

Considering the present total world population today we have around 33 million gods only for Hindus and the rest of the minor religions have their own lead characters to worship.

We’re open to more additions and can worship anyone who can make us feel they’re God unlike the People who are dying of hunger and there is also a good amount of food wasted in the name of marriages while that happens, but we still focus on building churches, mosques, and temples around the world with the money we have so the storybooks can be justified.

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Religion in India : Scary God Statue In Bali
This is an Old Stone Statue Of A God They Created Long Back To Scare The Shit Out Of People In Bali – Not India

Bollywood, Cricket and Other Gods

Usually, the lead characters in the stories used to be the ones to decide the name of the Religion and make it viral so others could follow and believe what they said. But recently, this changed when we adopted a new Religion to our kitty which was not created by India but another country but it doesn’t matter.

The name of the Religion in India was Cricket as founded by the British and the lead character or the God of the Religion was felicitated to Sir Donald Bradman by them which changed to Sachin Tendulkar in India for being a genius of creating records. Just for the record, the rest of the world still calls it a Game. Ridiculous!

There is another one called the Indian film industry or Bollywood who claims themselves to be actors and yet get to be the Gods in real life. For e.g. Rajnikant has temples built by people in his name at Karnataka in the south of India.

They even light candles, diyas, and dance in front of the big screens on the first day of his entry in every movie. Amitabh Bachhan has a similar temple built in Kolkata and it remains open 24/7 for the devotees. There are more humans, oops, Gods that are worshiped for whom the temples weren’t only built but also demolished and I’ll do a separate article for that.

Who did this?

Let’s take a step back and think about it. How did this happen and how did we let it happen. There are Atheists in the world who are confident of no existence of God. There are reliable and trustworthy personalities in the list of atheists that are firm about their decisions and hence atheism is also accepted by all religions.

religion in india
Rare Photo of God by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

China in this regard has 5 official religions only. Any other religion is banned. So if you want to live there or are a citizen, you have to follow the religion in china or get thrown out. Those five religions are BuddhismCatholicismDaoismIslam, and Protestantism.

The last one by the way is Catholic but they kind of protest being Roman Catholics, so they were named protestants. Religion names can be amended based on requirements and are very flexible. Basically, the religion of china is cool. They have no clue how many religions in India.

What If?

Looking at it in a different manner, Religion in India is nothing more than a law and order book. It shouldn’t be taken anything more than that. Like around a couple of thousand years ago, there were no rules, no boundaries, no roads, and most importantly no technology. Everything discovered by us was new and fragile.

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There was no testing before release like we make sure we do now. There was no curiosity for the outcome and like we can imagine the amount of chaos and misunderstandings that may have taken place at the time.

After a point, there would be rules that you’d have to put into practice so everyone follows and doesn’t screw up otherwise. This is how the religions in the world came into existence.

The rules were laid and called as the 10 commandments and something else by some other smart godmen during the earlier centuries. For example, the Bible calls these rules as the 7 sins.

Those are pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath. Other religions have additional sins basically meaning the same as rebellion against God. If you do those things you’ll burn in hell when you die. Hopefully, that will scare the shit out of you.

Those rules were helping and people could see it, following made their lives easier and more secure. There were always going to be non-followers, instigators, and troublemakers that wouldn’t want those laws in place.

During a time where any creation or innovation and its outcome was believed to be nothing less than magic. When it comes to driving a new task, the government currently takes every effort to make sure we follow every step, and it’s a similar drive at our offices in order to achieve our defined goals.

A few smart men decided to create a concept of Religion in India that would have all of them on their toes by laying down certain laws and regulations that had to be followed because it has come by some super natural power that created those magical outputs through innovations.

If the laws were not followed or were intentionally broken, they were going to face the heat. By the way, the concept of reincarnation and life after death, etc is also a part of the crap they introduced during those years, I’ve shared my thoughts on this other article where I talk about it in details.

With time, the concepts were updated, and newer versions of those documentations were introduced with amendments in the regulations based on how people behaved. Soon, the concept of heaven and hell was also suggested based on the questions about life and death.

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These writers were finding newer people to tell them about the rule book and the updates on what was changed as a message from the superpower above. These people were hence accepted as the messengers of Gods and eventually even as Gods.

The messages were then drained down the hierarchy of the family as suggested by the Gods which slowly became a Chinese whisper over the years and indeed more robust and stringent.

religion in india
Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com

I’m not aiming at a particular religion but run your religion in the above story and you’ll know what you are learning now may not be as important 50 years later as it is today and definitely not 100 years later. That is also common sense. I come across people who want to protect their God and their religion.

What we happen to do unknowingly is pass on the same ritual/culture etc. without knowing if it is really needed or if your kids even want it. It was required when there were no laws, police, or army.

We’ve come 2000 years ahead in time from where it all started and we still kill and marry based on Religion and Caste. There is no love – There is no God. If it’s not my culture|if it’s not my religion|if it’s not my caste|if it’s not my ritual – it must be wrong or the other religion is stupid.

Religion in India is also the major reason because of which the Dalits are still not appreciated and looked at as backward. We question and judge people and their upbringing on this basis.

India took an additional step during those years which I can write another article of 500 words on – Caste. Seriously? Who gave us the right to judge a human-based on Religion, Caste, Creed, or Color? Guess What? We did. Remember, those years, Regulations, Drive, and the hierarchy and then the Chinese Whisper in the family.

The Concept Of religion is stupid. Its purely up-to us how this needs to be taken ahead. It’s not only in our hands but in our minds – to either teach our children the importance of a higher caste vs a lower caste or the importance of humanity and maybe even quantum physics.

Will it be important to be Lineal or since we have only this one life, it will make more sense to just be human and help. No Religion, No Fights. I want to know your thoughts and even debates about the topic. Also, consider sharing the article if you think it’s worth it.

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