Why Rasbhari is the most underrated web series on Amazon

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Recently came across Rasbhari, one of the reasons why I thank god for giving us platforms like OTT’s and IPLs. These talented people would have been ignored forever and been eaten up by Kangana Ranaut’s claimed nepotism by now if we hadn’t seen them displaying it on the screen.

By the way, IPL similarly gave opportunities to more players around the country to display their talent and get into Team India.

Rasbhari was received incorrectly by the audiences as publications were probably paid to write negative comments and reviews. All you see on the internet right from its trailer release till now is hatred and I promise, the story isn’t that bad.

It makes more sense now that digital marketing can make or break how you intend to tell your story to the audience. Sadak 2 became a popular example after receiving around 12 million dislikes on its youtube trailer.

Swara Bhaskar aka Shanoo madam plays the perfect English teacher with a broken English. She makes sure with her acting that she reminds all boys of their childhood teacher crush.

I remember watching the promos for Veere di wedding where they kept saying Kareena and Sonam were the glamors and the other two were the actors they needed to support the movie.

Bullshit! Swara was hot in the copied sex and the city movie, the shagging scene was the most brilliant one hands down and she continues to look hot and act brilliantly throughout the Rasbhari episodes.

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Swara Bhaskar as the hot teacher in Rasbhari

Rasbhari brings a fresh storyline with Nand and his girlfriend revolving around her new life in a new town. She has to play a strict teacher with straightened hair and a hot prostitute with curled hair.

The men in the city are all in for her and most of them have enjoyed heaven. Until 70% of the story, you’d want to believe that she is the prostitute you want her to believe but apparently she’s also schizophrenic and doesn’t remember a thing when she turns into one, which keeps us confused till the end.

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The other track is followed by Nand and his girlfriend’s subtle school love story who also initially wanted to rather do his teacher than his girlfriend.

This further leads to a circus where the men of the entire cities await their opportunity while the women create their gossips around the new interest of men. She carries the character well till the end and keeps us guessing.

The story develops one page at a time making every episode more and more interesting. If you decide to Binge Watch, you’re not going anywhere till the end of the series or the popcorn.

Swara makes sure that she plays two different characters and surprises us with the deliveries for both the roles. Magnificient, yet under-rated as always. Right from the first appearance on the screen, she wants to make you want to fall in love with her and do what she wants you to do.

The last time I was this impressed by an actor playing two characters was by Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu. She got runout twice in the same match. She looks as perfect as a teacher and the believable prostitute Rasbhari till the end when she leaves us all a hint to think and suggest if she was really schizophrenic or not.

Apparently, she’s been in news recently for all the wrong reasons when it comes to politics and BJP. The country as we all know has been bought by Modiji and his IT Cell and hence Twitter gets hijacked by any news against the Lotus. This has been a trend for a long time now.

Do read the digital marketing case study to understand more after it’s done. You share your views about the country and you’re tagged anti-national. Swara Bhaskar tweeted in the flow against them and made sense in all of them.

But it looks like making sense is against the current government policies and hence Rasbhari was immediately thrashed by all the biggies rating as soon as it released.

These tweets are a few examples of the IT Cell attack. If you check their earlier tweets, you’d know because they are all Pro BJP and Pro Modi Tweets. You’ll see online reputation management and defamation of the ones who speak against.

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I will not be surprised to receive some hate in case this article goes viral. We all know when you live on someone’s bounty to survive and flourish, you also have to display the support. This is a new handle given to Digital Marketing and there is nothing wrong with it until you are able to sell your product and make your audiences believe what they should.

They marketed it as soft porn to be precise and made sure nobody was going to see it. It got a rating of 2.5 on an average by the major rating websites where I would have given at least a 4 for the characters and their acting efforts making the story all realistic.

So much for talking against the government goons. I’m sure she’ll soon be out of the industry and might just get killed like Sushant Singh Rajput – but she’s making sure she delivers her talent well before she leaves. The web-series was anything but a soft-porn. Talented Swara Bhaskar got wasted between politics and a weak script.

My Rating For Rasbhari – 3.5/5

Share your views if you’ve seen Rasbhari or not and if you agree or disagree in the comments below. Keep Reading!

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