Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Marriages in India

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Wedding Bells! We all love it when we get there. Marriages in India are a big deal. To Marry or Not to Marry is a question we all face at least once in our life. Something that we all look forward to and want others to look forward to as well. Let’s get to know what a wedding lehenga means.

We specialize in all the categories of arranged marriages, love marriages, and elopements. In fact, the generation gap interests two different topics – marriage and sex. So far there has been no explanation as to why marriage is important in India.

There are different types of marriages in Indian states. We’re going to talk about Indian wedding facts so hang on to this special article as a must-read and share for others to think about as well. The most difficult part is being able to stand the different marriage customs in India.

Arranged Marriage in India

India is a country with a huge population and I love it for the way it is. Marriages are Weddings. Sounds weird but that’s how we do it. Let’s have a look at the arranged marriage in India facts. There are arranged marriage advantages as well.

Indian parents and marriage were born at the same time. In Arrange Marriages, you get to meet someone usually chosen by your parents or by some other means. The neighbor aunties take up marriage matching as a full-time job and will ask you to create a marriage biodata. Marriage wishes will not be considered in most cases.

If this clicks well you and/or your parents can start planning to spend on the Indian wedding schedule of events. This includes engagement, Roka, wedding, reception, cocktail party, sangeet, Mehendi that is not daler, Tilak, Vidai, etc. with a minimum of one thousand people at every event. Some of these include modern Indian wedding traditions too. You made an Indian arranged marriage Netflix!

Effects of Arranged Marriages in India

With every Indian wedding ceremony, India’s GDP increases in a single day but it doesn’t show well because most of the money is cash and hence black. Try attending north Indian wedding rituals once in your life to understand what I’m talking about. The marriage invitation card is more expensive than your television and this won’t even last for the wedding anniversary.

This is where they lay a huge emphasis on cultures and customs. Marriage sex life will be the least important consideration but there will be an unwanted emphasis laid on the color and design of the marriage saree. Saree is now one of the wedding dresses the bride will be wearing.

The Indian married girl is the most beautiful lady dressed on that day. Nobody wants to take their eyes off her. If it were a beauty pageant she would have been a clear winner.

Most of these are women wearing heavy gold ornaments which makes them vulnerable to being killed, but it’s all worth it because it’s an Indian wedding. The cousins and relatives are worried about their marriage dress because you know it might turn out to be a Miss India contest.

Now because we were done with the sequels, we added Indian pre-wedding traditions or a prequel like a pre-wedding photoshoot and an unnecessary show-off like the pre-baby shower or baby bump shoot, etc. In these marriages, photos play a big role. There is an album for everything, even the wedding saree.

The spending makes a lot of sense because based on how qualified or not so qualified the boy may be, the girl’s parents not only pay him Dowree which can be anything from A House, Cash/Car or a bike, home essentials to anything else they ask for.

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Even the wedding dresses for men are sponsored. In most cases, the marriage gift for a couple is considered to be a baby before the first anniversary. Some of those include the

The spending makes a lot of sense because based on how qualified or not so qualified the boy may be, the girl’s parents not only pay him Dowree which can be anything from A House, Cash/Car or a bike, home essentials to anything else they ask for. In most cases, the marriage gift for a couple is considered to be a baby before the first anniversary.

They also usually take care of the wedding expenses – and the sequels too. So it’s totally justified. The boys are judged on how “settled” they are. Settled means the amount of money they currently have, and the educational qualifications. The wedding card design is decided by the entire family. In any case, the wedding anniversary wishes will happen in the kid’s presence.

All of the above sounds like a festival and somewhere because religion plays a big role in all these love marriages in India are opposed. The number of arranged marriages in India statistics is very high and impressive. The Percentage of arranged marriages in India in 2019 was 90.

Arranged marriages are here to stay. Believe it or not, arranged Marriages are very much successful in India with hardly any data for divorce cases heard of. As a matter of fact, the love marriage divorce rate in India has always been on the higher side.

Arranged Marriages are good and bad because then comes the duties of a wife in Hinduism or Muslims or other religions. There is also a calculation for the age of marriage according to Vedas. The question is, is it required? This is so detailed. I should have written an arranged marriage essay in school to top the exams.

Marriages in India
The Marriage Katti

Love Marriages in India aka SRK Movie Influenza during the 90s.

The next one on the list is the pleasant one but scary for some. Love marriages. Now I myself am a love marriage guy and will help you decide if you should go for it or not. The love marriage percentage in India is lower than the arranged marriages.

When you love someone and marry that person, you also marry that family. Although the love marriage statistics do not support this as the best option, it still is.

Nobody tells you this before, so thank me later if you’re still single and prepping. If you have been a fan of the SRK movies and the romantic pop songs that were released during the 90s in India if you believe that an emotion called love does exist and can melt hearts and if you believe you are meant to be with that someone special, it will happen. You only know when you have the wedding card in your hands.

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It has to be more about meeting the right person and falling in love with them than about getting married. If you’re looking for love marriage benefits, there are many.

If none of the above sentences makes sense to you and have made up your mind to get married – search google for a marriage biodata format and go with the arranged marriages in India, but without the Dowree and a crowd of a hundred thousand unknown people at the reception. This is also a part of the Indian marriage culture.

Love can happen only to the ones who believe in it for the rest, careers are important. I’ve met people who say they had to focus on their studies and careers and make it big first so they didn’t have time for love. They are lucky – no time for love. There is no right or wrong in a love marriage essay.

Meeting the right person and spending time with them will only make you more focused in life with regard to what you need to achieve together and the companionship you need. But there is no place for Dowree or one-sided expenses where love exists so beware.

Not being mentally ready, going cold feet, immaturity, financial stress, interfaith marriages are the most common reasons why love marriages fail in India.

Elopement – The Fun Way!

Eloping is fun. You run away and get married. Like literally. Gone Overnight! As thrilling as it sounds, there are now Indian marriage laws around it. There could be legal consequences of eloping. The most important law is to make sure the girl is mentally ready. In this case, you always have a fun marriage story to tell.

There are rules – In India marriage age is 18 for girls and 21 for boys. Frankly, this is stupid. You are still not sure at this age if you should be collecting shells at the sea or creating an app that creates noise in silicon valley.

I have friends and family that chose this option and it made sense too. Is eloping a good idea in India? – depends on the situation and the people involved. If you’re not confident, don’t do it.

There is no discussion if eloping is good or bad, it is rather an answer to the love marriage vs arrange marriage cricket match. The money spent on wedding suits for men is paid off because of the risk they take.

Elopement stories in India are always fun to hear. Usually, the families on one of the sides have a problem and in most cases, it’s both sides. They are not here for wedding wishes.

The silliest reasons range from following different religions, being of a lower caste, money, etc. See, Marriages in India require permissions and families, etc. An elopement doesn’t need any of those. The couple just needs to ensure the marriage registration well in advance. There is no opportunity for marriage advantages and disadvantages.

You can start celebrating because your marriage leave application will have to be approved under these circumstances. Register marriage in India takes not more than 20 minutes and it comes without any noise.

If the couple is old enough to marry and smart enough to make a decision, they go for it. In most cases, the celebrations also happen at the marriage bureau and you won’t have a marriage card. The marriage certificate becomes proof.

This is then followed by a ruckus, minor, or major depending on how proactively it is managed by being on the right side of the laws and reaching out to the cops in time.

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Whoever reaches their first wins. The Eloping couple usually researches and prepares before going ahead with the step and wins most of the time. Elope cases in India have increased over a period of time.

Marriages in India
Getting Married During The Pandemic

There are different types of Marriages in India as well like without a reception and keeping it short and simple for just the close ones and saving that money for the future – but that must be 1% of those marriages in India. To answer the question, it’s not mandatory or a compulsion to marry. But remember 90% are marriages in India are arranged.

The history of marriage in India wasn’t logical but it is today. Luckily child marriages are illegal in India and will always be. There are still some parts of the country that does indulge in this practice to adhere to their customs, but it does not change the law.

People got married for the sake of it. Do not get married just because of the marriage in Indian sociology and everybody does it. Thinking it’s the normal way of living and having kids is how the legacy will follow is what causes the Indian marriage issues. People recently have picked up their own selves to be with and not share their lives with anyone else.

This thought is basically the fear of having their freedom ended or changes they’d have to make to themselves after they’re married. It’s totally OK to be in that place and take your time if you’re not ready. A 2013 IPSOS report suggests that 74% of the Indian Youth (18-35 years old) prefer an arranged marriage over a love marriage.

Bombay High Court said in one of its hearings that divorces are higher in love marriages as compared to arranged marriages in India. Can we do two marriages in India? I’d suggest do not repeat a mistake since you proved you’re not the right person for it the first time.

Second marriages come with their own set of problems – mental and financial. Settling in all over again with new expectations and commitments. The most common perception is, if you can do it twice you can do it again. Many couples even struggle to have a kid in second marriages. To add to the troubles there are also Hindu second marriage rituals – google it.

There is no comparison on the scale of arranged marriage vs love marriage. Marriage is all about respecting your partner and giving in to their happiness. There is no place for selfishness. If you think you can take care of yourself well and the above definition of marriage doesn’t suit you – give it time.

This remains one of my most favorite marriage quotes – My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. 🙂 Now I search google for wedding anniversary quotes every year 🙂

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Next time you receive a wedding invitation, you know the journey they come from. Drop your arranged marriage questions in the comments below. Do share this link with your friends and help them make a wise call. And before you make that call to get married, ask yourself this one question – Am I Ready? (For everything I read above) If the answer is yes, PARTTTYYYYY!!!!

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