Life After Death – The Truth Behind The Bhoot


Interesting topic no? It is always. The best way to make things thrilling and scary in your circle is to tell ghost stories and experiences or watch a horror movie. In India, we make it sound even more real by getting into details – Life After Death. The holy books speak about it so there is no reason we should not believe in it. There are videos on YouTube of kids knowing and talking about things they should not be knowing at that age and they claim they are able to do this without any training. Please do not laugh no matter how stupid it sounds and it is, apparently its all true. These are all called miracles and we believe in them and so is the concept of Life After Death.

Before you read ahead make sure you’re not so religious to the core that you will be impacted or disturbed by logic, reasons, questions and sense. You also promise by reading ahead that you will not judge me, hurt me or attack me with a knife, sword, gun or any violent weapon of any kind. The comments section on this blog and social media are open for you to share your views and thoughts.

Lets get to the point, what happens when someone dies? Have you ever thought about it? Do we turn in to ghosts? Does our soul leave our body and see the light of the heaven or the fire of hell? Does heaven and hell exist? You’d want to find answers to all those questions, the minute you start you think about life after death. Life after death biggie is co-incidentally also the last studio album by the Notorious B.I.G. A double album, it was released sixteen days after his death.

The most difficult part is to live the day and the weeks and the months after your close ones leave you. The mind is not in the state to think in the right sense and it becomes easy to believe what we have read or been told about souls leaving the body and we want to believe it. We still want to know that they haven’t left us and that they will always be with us. There was a brilliant dark comedy called Life after death dead like me delivered by Stephen Herek in 2009. It gives us all a different point of view to eternity.

Life After Death - brown pumpkin halloween decor and gray skull at grass field
Pumpkins Celebrating Haloween

Leo Tolstoy first published a book in 1859 named the three deaths where your first death is when you last breathe and your body stops functioning completely. The second death is when your body is buried or burnt or consigned as per the laws defined by your religion and the third one is that day someone in the days to come will take your name for the last time ever in this living world and stop remembering you. What he tried to say is, the memories of the person you loved are the only property you have from the

Why is all of what we believe in just crap. Like other kids I grew up being scared of ghosts and their stories as well and i always thought there was someone else in the room apart from me if it got dark. The fear went away over the years, but still knocks sometime so i decided to get into details. Now pay attention to what you read here on because it will only bust all the myths about Life After Death theories.

We’re made to believe or we start to think that the souls/ghosts exist as a form of how they looked when they were alive. Then there is another myth we follow blindly about the souls being differentiated as good souls vs bad souls. The good souls which are derived from the people who were good when they were alive will have three major features or characteristics – they wont ever harm us or have any bad intentions – they will go to heaven and finally they will pray for us or look after us in heaven.

Life After Death - doll with grey eyes and brown hair
The Ghost in the Doll is the Dost in the Goll?

Fact check, and i also read this somewhere and found it funny and true – when you’re dead you don’t know you are dead, its only difficult for the others. Its the same when you’re stupid. As silly as we sound, we forget the very fact that the body is buried or burnt along with the brains and the heart and all other parts that used to carry emotions when we were alive. Hence, the theory of a soul carrying the same emotions or any emotions is ruled out.

There cannot be a good or a bad soul. Also, because now that the body is gone, the chances of the soul looking or sounding the same as they were when alive is also zilch. What’s gone is gone for good and hence it also proves what Taklu Steve Huff does is totally crap. What happens after death is to be left only for the dead to know and frankly i’m not interested in finding out soon.

Does a soul even exist or not is another question which we shouldn’t be worried about. In the early ages, people must have mistaken this for Aura of a person or an adjective to the word person which later was assumed to be something left behind after death. Another reason to extend the belief was the holy books and the books people wrote to prove their experiences with their loved ones after life.

No matter how much you think, Life is ultimately made up of Time. All we have is this one thing and we need to figure out how to spend it wisely. Do not waste it on things you have been told to do or believe in, rather find and create reasons to believe in. There are only a few things that matter to most of us and we know what they are. I wish you all the luck in your life now that you know Life after Death won’t matter.

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