Why Lenskarts New Ad Campaign is Something You Should Not Follow As A Marketer

Lenskart New Ad

Lenskart is one of the biggest brands in the market when it comes to sunglasses, eyeglasses, or contact lenses. They have always experimented with the image and made sure people catch their eyes always with their ads. Is it Katrina Kaif switching lenskart frames or Bhuvan Bam trying to impress girls?

The ads have always been out of the box. All credit to their brilliant marketing team, no doubts there. Having a lenskart frame is a thing to show off just like a fast-track watch. It’s set in your mind because of these ads. The Lenskart New Ad however is something that will not impress a lot of people.

Lenskart New Ad Katrina Kaif
When Katrina Kaif Sold Lenskart Frames

As marketers, we are always on the lookout for inspiration and insights that can help us create effective campaigns. However, not all campaigns are created equal, and it is crucial to analyze and learn from both successful and unsuccessful ones. Recently, Lenskart, an Indian eyewear brand, launched a new ad campaign that has garnered a lot of attention, but not all of it positive. In this article, we will take a closer look at Lenskart’s new ad campaign and explain why it is something you should not follow as a marketer.

What is Lenskart’s New Ad Campaign?

Lenskart’s new ad campaign is called “Lenskart Eyes 2021” and features a series of ads that showcase people wearing glasses and their reactions when they try on a new pair. The ads are set in different locations, including a beach, a city street, and a park, and aim to highlight the brand’s range of eyewear options. The ads have been widely shared on social media and have received both praise and criticism from the public.

Why You Should Not Follow lenskart’s New Ad Campaign

While Lenskart’s new ad campaign may have garnered a lot of attention, it is not something that other marketers should follow. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It is Insensitive

One of the biggest criticisms of Lenskart’s new ad campaign is that it is insensitive to people with vision impairments. The ads focus on people’s reactions to trying on new glasses, which can come across as trivializing the experience of those who have to wear glasses to see properly. As marketers, it is essential to be mindful of how our campaigns can impact different audiences and avoid offending or alienating them.

  1. It is Not Unique

Another issue with Lenskart’s new ad campaign is that it is not unique. The concept of showcasing people trying on glasses and their reactions is not new, and many other eyewear brands have used it in the past. As marketers, we need to be innovative and come up with fresh ideas that can capture our audience’s attention and differentiate our brand from the competition.

  1. It Lacks a Clear Message
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Lastly, Lenskart’s new ad campaign lacks a clear message. While the ads showcase the brand’s range of eyewear options, they do not communicate a specific value proposition or benefit to the consumer. As marketers, we need to ensure that our campaigns have a clear and compelling message that resonates with our target audience and motivates them to take action.

When you get into marketing, homework is the most important work to do and there is nothing that should go wrong when you go live. The idea is to make sure your ad connects with the target audience immediately and the exact message is passed on.

This is the same target market waiting for a lenskart offer instead of a pointless ad. It is easy to create ads and roll them out just for the sake of it. A lot of other brands are currently doing it without making sense.

Khatabook passes on the message but can have better content to take me to the play store or AppStore immediately after watching it. They made Dhoni look like a Banya in the ad so people are convinced to install an app. These are different things and will fail for two reasons. People know Dhoni is not a Banya and having a celebrity push your product is a yesterday thing.

It does help you with a spike in the traffic for a bit which in return will result in increased conversion – but so do Google and Facebook ads too. Wakefit Furniture had a lame ad and couldn’t last more than the first week for a similar reason. The majority of your advertising budget is spent on things your ads could have done better without – like celebrities.

Lenskart New Ad

These are however smaller brands not paying attention to marketing and selling. Do know that Khatabook is a $300 Million company investment by Sequoia Capital, Jitendra Gupta, Kunal Bahl, and Kunal Shah. Lenskart is much bigger than this and valued at around 1.5 billion.

So even though you would have a generous ad budget as it may seem, it will be important to keep revenue generation in mind rather than just Brand awareness if that is what this ad was for.

Let’s get to Lenskarts new ad campaign and see what mistakes were made.

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Explore their advertisements to witness the stylish frames and the adorable lenskart ad dog. Stay updated with the Lenskart new ad cast and the talented girl who stars in their latest campaign. Lenskart continues to amaze with its creative advertisements and the Lenskart ad cast of 2022 promises to impress.

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Lenskart New Ad – Nazar Hati/Ghati

This is a great campaign at first thought. But not every thought turns out to be a great idea. The IPL season would have been great to rather roll out a lenskart offer rather than spend on licensed match videos just to fit in your campaign. You do not need to buy a licensed cricket video pointing out a mistake to prove your product should have been used on the field.

Lenskart New Ad
Lenskart – Nazar GHATI Durghatna Ghati

Also, you do not need a Ph.D. in logic to understand that these are world-class athletes on the field and are medically tested and fit – including their eyesight. It beats the point of your sketch already.

I’m sure lenskart customer care is currently answering calls about Lenskarts New Ad campaign. Needless to how good or bad the budget is, what should matter more to the brand is the ROI of the campaign which in this case doesn’t seem to be booming much.

Audience Connect

The campaign statement is very much Indian and is a phrase used very commonly. The phrase however is used to exclaim accidents caused when you do not pay attention. The Nazar Hati was changed to Nazar Ghati deriving the decrease in the eyesight.

The Lenskart New Ad doesn’t hit immediately and when it does get digested – is still not the message you wanted to convey. This is the same company trying to also sell lenskart gold membership currently that gives out a 50% discount. Something that could be conveyed and hit the audience perfectly.

The basics of a phrase state you repeat the word in order to make it a phrase – this is where the disconnect begins already. When you write a campaign, the first thing you should ask yourself immediately is – will we be able to connect with the target audience.

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Will they remember the ad later or will they google the phrase ‘lenskart near me’ on their phones during the next ad break? This is what the goal should be in order to benefit from the season’s audience.

The current campaign has no connection with the market at any stage of the ad. Even I am guaranteeing right now that by the end of the article, you’d know you will remember you read about the Lenskart New Ad.

Technology Rested

Lenskart always speaks about technology in its ads. They make the best use of graphics to switch their frames etc. This glues the audience to the screen. The first time the ad was screened, it made the audiences wonder how it was done. And hence when it was repeated people would still watch the ad with the same interest. That’s how they gained a name over the years.

Their ads became a perfect example of how brand awareness should happen. They entered the markets late – around 2010 and yet lenskart sunglasses were competing with the biggest brands in the industry.

The lenskart app is in itself a great display of technology, probably the first of its kind to be able to use your face to judge a frame. If you wear glasses or plan to buy one, try the lenskart augmented reality on their app – it’s killer. With Nazar Ghati Durgatna Ghati, this was all left behind.

The Marketing Lesson

Do not repeat what they did in the Lenskart New Ad. When it comes to marketing, you have multiple options and ways to get into people’s houses. Digital Marketing is one of them.

If half of the budget lenskarts new ad campaign budget was used on online marketing or content marketing to be specific, the sales would increase drastically. I would personally help sell more lenskart computer glasses than the new ad campaign. The positive bit is a lesson learned for marketers and aspiring ones in the coming years to see those.


In conclusion, Lenskart’s new ad campaign is not something that other marketers should follow. The campaign’s insensitivity, lack of uniqueness, and unclear message make it a poor example of effective marketing. As marketers, we need to be mindful of our campaigns’ impact on different audiences, come up with fresh and innovative ideas, and communicate a clear message that resonates with our target audience.

I’ll be doing more of these articles based on real-world and recent ads. Do let me know in the comment section if you like the Lenskart New Ad. If you haven’t already, check out the rest of my blog articles on marketing and others and the future ones subscribe to my website and you’ll know when I publish a new article. Do follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – @jasonmdigital and keep rocking.

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