How to Learn SEO: A Secret Method For Search Engine Optimization


Building a website is no more a challenge. Anyone with the basic knowledge of what a website is can build one by using google. The most important thing after you go live with your website is to make sure your SEO is perfect.

What is SEO?

SEO full form is Search Engine Optimization. It is a way of telling Google that you are providing all the information its users are searching for. Making your content more relevant for the search engines is what will matter to Google’s algorithm.

Google has spiders and crawlers that index website pages with relevant information in its database. When you do a google search, you expect the information to be available immediately and this is what Google is trying to ensure with its algorithm. This is why it becomes so important to be visible in the search results when people are searching.

For Example, when you search for a refrigerator – Google will check your search query and look for all the pages it has indexed to provide you with the best possible matching page. This is what you see on the first page and the rest of the 9 pages are filtered based on relevance.

Practicing SEO

The best way to get consistent traffic to your website is through SEO. But if you don’t know SEO, what should you do? The first thing you need to do is practice. Practice makes perfect.

If you don’t practice how are you ever going to get good at something or even learn something? You don’t want to practice on your main business or your main idea.

Create a junk website, one that’s going to be fun and that you can be excited about. It could be a blog, so go to WordPress and create a WordPress blog. You want to do it on your own domain name.

Don’t do, do, and if you’re not sure how to set it up, just sign up for a BlueHost for Webhosting, they have a click install for WordPress. Now that you have your website set up, you need to start blogging. Pick any topic that interests you, write content.

Yoast SEO

Now that you got the content done, the next thing you want to do is install the Yoast plugin. It is a shortcut that makes your blog optimized somewhat for Google.

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Actually makes it really optimized from Google, but of course, you’re going to have to do some work, by putting in the keywords in the title tag, your meta description.

There is a walk-through SEO tutorial on how to use the Yoast plugin, and just go through them and you’ll learn a lot more.

After you have the Yoast plugin up and running, the next thing I want you to do is cross ink your blog post together.

So, let’s say you have two posts, one’s on dogs and one’s on cats, and in your dog article your talk about how dogs hate cats.

Well, you can link to the cat’s article from the dog one, and in your cat’s article, you can talk about how cats love pestering dogs. You can link that cat’s article to the dog article.

That’s what crosslinking is. You don’t want to just cross-link two posts together, you want to cross-link all your relevant posts together when it makes sense.

Building Links

If it doesn’t make sense, don’t link them together. And last but not least, you want to start building links. The way you build links is, you go to, put in the competitor URL.

You’ll see who links to them, then you want to email these guys, right? You go to those sites that link to your competitors then you say, “Hey, I notice that you’re linking to

We have a similar business within the same region but we also offer one, two, or three services that they don’t, so you should also check us out, it may be useful to your website visitors, and if you like us feel free and link to us.”

It’s that simple. Sure, a lot of people are going to ignore your email but if you get five out of 100 people to link back to you that’s great. That’s how you get your start.

You do those steps, over time you’ll get more traffic, and then after you learn those basics and you get the hang of it if you want to do some experimentation, by all means, go and do a ton of experimentation.

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Because this is way more advanced than that and more complex, but you got to start off with the basics and that’s how you learn the basics, it’s by doing it on your own website.

Once you build the website, your next focus should be on making sure how your website is found. We obviously have paid options to do this, but SEO along with PPC makes sure your results are even better.

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What is SEO and how it works?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method of letting google know that you are making sure your website adheres to all their rules and wants to be in their good books.

Impressing Google and at the same time making sure your visitors are also happy with the SEO content you are sharing is the key task we’re talking about.

Not just this, Google can even penalize or blacklist your website. If you do not follow the rules or try to bend them using any grey areas like a grey hat or black hat SEO.

Yes, there are ways that can get you the maximum traffic and get your website on the top of the search results.

In fact, people did use this for some time until Google came to know about it and updated their algorithm that changed the game for good.

They could now differentiate between the Good websites and Bad ones with SEO meaning the list of websites they could blacklist or ban for good.

Google’s change with Algorithm has been the only thing constant with Search Engine Optimization. My personal quote – You don’t SEO google, google SEO’s you.

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How to do SEO on my website?

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t happen overnight. There is a lot you need to do and understand. Work on the Content. Make sure you have good quality content.

There are also some smart tips on how to use the SEO tools list and when to google SEO tools and which are the best free SEO tools to use to get you the best page rank.

Search Console, Sitemaps & Robots

The first step is to add your website to google and bing search console. Add your sitemaps to the search console so they get notified and are ready to crawl your website. Make sure you have the sitemap separately mentioned in the robots.txt file of your site so they know which file to crawl.

CONTENT is KING with Backlinks.

Write relevant and detailed content. Write everything in detail. Make stories and tell them. Introduce tools and create cheat sheets. Talk about data and show an infographic about it. All of this makes your visitors want to read more content on your website.

They tend to move from one article to another one. Make sure all your articles are a minimum of 1000 words or more. The more you right, there better are your chances of getting ranked.

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Make sure you pick the topics that are currently being discussed or even the ones that were ignored and share your opinion about it.

That way if the ignored topic is searched, you have a high chance of getting ranked. Run your website through backlink checkers that can tell you how many more backlinks you need so your off-page SEO.

Right Search Keywords & Tools

There are tools like Google Keyword planner that help you create the right content with the right keywords. If you’re using WordPress, Yoast SEO is your best friend and gives you most of the abilities to rank on google with ease.

I’m using Yoast on this one and can guarantee it. Rankmath is another great plugin that does the same job and keeps you on track.

Then there is Woorank that can rank your homepage and give you an SEO score. It will also tell you what to correct on the website to increase the score.

Your meta tags and meta description needs to be in place and with the correct amount of characters so the search engines know what to name your pages. If you get your SEO done right, nothing can stop you from ranking soon.

What Other SEO Marketing Helps?

Seo is way more than what you think it is. If you’re a YouTuber, there are SEO tools for YouTube as well. The first thing you do is search for online SEO tools, the famous ones will always pop up on the first-page SEO checker.

These tools will tell you exactly what to correct and get half of your job done. It’s important that you are always checking the google search console and having your new content crawled. The crawling may happen immediately or may take a couple of days in some cases.

Google webmaster tools literally walk you through what you need to do and how your website is performing. Make sure you add internal and external links to the site. This will also help drive backlinks to your website depending on the content you share.

Images should always have attributes. This is a common aspect of SEO and Accessibility guidelines. Making these changes help the disabled to hear when they cannot read or have trouble reading. SEO also plays a key role in Digital Marketing.

Many SEO agencies in the market promise you page ranks and they know it’s not easy. So be careful before you pay for SEO. Choose the right people to work with or feel free to contact me and I’ll help.

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