Why Friendships Are Perfect Always – The Special Relationship

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We all know what I’m going to talk about. We’ve all been there and done that. Friendships are magical and are that one relationship that nobody wants to end and someone we get to choose.

Even if we do not talk today, we know how strong our bond is and how much support we’ll receive whenever we go back and ask for it.

We start making friends at school and some of us are still lucky to keep in touch. Thanks to Social Networks our friends have profiles to check in real-time what they are currently up to or where they live now.

Slambook Before Facebook

We had Slam Books instead of Facebook and as crappy as this may sound, we had no cell phones and tablets to keep in touch. The only tweets that existed in this friendship were the ones we shared directly when we met.

Having born in India and being a 90s kid, I grew up thinking Ek ladka aur ladki Kabhi dost nahi ho sakte Prem! and almost half of the country including me took it seriously. I used to find it weird to talk to girls and still do sometimes.

I could only open up in college where SRK introduced a new concept in India called Friendships Day. This was celebrated earlier but not at the current level. Friendship Day date comes every year on the first Sunday of August.

We could now use friendship bands to be friends with anyone and girls were open to it. It comes along with other days like rose day, teddy day, chocolate day etc. A lot of people use friendship day as a second valentines day in order to get things started.

We took it to the next level by using markers and writing our names on each other’s hands, faces, and shirts. We had no clue what privacy was and if our information was going to be stolen to show ads later to me.

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All that mattered was a time for us to meet either at college or somewhere we could gather and take off to have some fun. We weren’t aware we were creating memories and obviously, nobody carried cameras until it was a special family occasion.

With every phase of life, the friends kept changing and got tagged as school friends, college friends, and now the new phase work friends or acquaintances as we call them. With different companies, the friends were tagged with the company names or department names too.

I have a group of friends that do not belong to any of the tags and we stick around together since childhood. They are the best of all the lots and I got in accidentally. As funny as it may sound, we used to call ourselves scorpions and some of us still do.

We’ve played together, got drunk together, slept over, celebrated Christmas, new years, and done a lot more. And this went on great till we all got married. You know what I mean :D. Three of them accompanied me to the place of the best men for my wedding.

Small-time meetings, family get-togethers, and outings are what still keeps us alive. And no matter how this goes, we all know we’ll have each other’s back because we’re that lucky.

Friendships - JasonMascarenhas.com

They all still are a part of our lives and that makes it more special. I still happen to meet some of them without any plans and by accident and we share the same bond and that is the power of friendships. These are the people with no strings attached.

We know they won’t feel bad or they will still stand up for us when we need them the most. Even our cousins have been our friends for a major part of our lives. We’ve shared with them the family secrets that we do not share with anyone otherwise.

Friendship is also how I and my wife met and got along well as soulmates. She has been around for a long time now is also the mother of my kid and my wife.

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I’ve tagged her as my best friend because a good friend knows all your best stories but the best friends have lived them with you. We became friends early on and figured there was more to it. This is also how a lot of friendships in the world are converted to marriages.

Friendships - JasonMascarenhas.com

My wife is equally filmy as me so we matched well because then SRK taught us Pyaar Dosti hai and that the purpose of our life on this planet was to fall in love one day.

Somewhere we all love our friends and do not want it to end ever. Life is already short and like Ajay Devgn said agar dost banake kaam ho Sakta hai Patrick, toh Dushman kyu banana?

We currently get a lot of work done because of this bond called friendship and we know the friction won’t be the same otherwise. Somewhere sometime in the future, you might end up working with your school buddy co-incidentally and that is where this friendship will pay off.

I can go on and on about friendships and the people in it. But this is one feeling that doesn’t have to be expressed. Technology has only added to the concept to make it stronger.

Facebook and Whatsapp have ensured we come closer to each other and stay in touch. The only way we could create and share memories was to buy a camera and a roll along with it. Look how far we’ve come to creating memories and storing them in clouds and sharing whenever we want to.

The album storage place in our homes is no more needed. We can even set notifications to remind us when to check out those pictures and share them. Google Photos for Android takes it to another level by reminding you of the pictures on your birthdays and anniversaries and even presenting you with a ready-made collage or an animated movie. Technology with emotions makes an excellent combination.

Friendship Day 2020 had the curse of corona virus around and hence we weren’t able to celebrate it as much as we could. We all look forward to friendship day 2021 on 1st August.

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Friendships are magical and there is so much to talk about friends and the bond it brings along and here’s wishing you all a very happy friendship day. May the relation between you’ll long forever.

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