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Affiliate Marketing Done Right : The Easiest Way to Make Money Online.

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Affiliate Marketing is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of adding revenue to your website. You have been blogging for a while and We all want our blogs to be a hit so we can convert our website visitors in to a revenue making machine. All you need is the Affiliate Marketing Done Right.

Passive income is everyone’s dream and this is a money machine running while you’re asleep. Creating blogs and writing articles is a great way to ensure you have regular visitors to your website. What you are doing is making sure you have an online presence and hence be able to create a competition to the others writing similar stuff. This will not only change the SEO difficulty but also put you on top of Google Rank. The more you write about what people are searching, the better are your chances of being found and being able to sell your products.

Here an affiliate marketing definition from google :

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Its not very difficult to start affiliate marketing. You need to be sure about the product or the company you will be promoting on your website. You need to like the product enough to be able to market it to others so it sells well. Make sure your website has been added google webmasters and you’ve inspected your site. You first help yourself and then help others. If you want the Affiliate Marketing Done Right, follow the below instructions and make sure to read till the end.

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The Aim of your website is to help others sell. The more bigger and famous your website gets, the more you can write or create content about the products you want to sell. The website, in order to be popular needs the digital marketing done right. Make sure you are marketing your product well so you have visitors and hence a reputation. This is important as your site grows older, you would want the market affiliates to approach you sell the new products and make a goodwill using yours.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners isn’t easy but so is swimming initially. SEO will be the key to achieving the required status. You also need to know the difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO. You need practice and you need the knowledge. The more you spend time practicing a guitar, the more you can sell. There is always eagerness to get started and be known. If you haven’t seen Google Analytics yet, go ahead and create an account. Make sure you have added the Analytics Code to see who is visiting and how long they stay on your website and what sells in which part of the city and country. Its a free tool and provides brilliant details – basically all that you need.

Amazon Associates And Spotify

Next, you create an Amazon Associates account. Now dont be confused by this. Amazon has a consumer account, a seller account if you are one and the associates account which is used to get affiliate marketing done right. Once you’re in, give in all the details (KYC, Bank Account, etc.) to be sure you are ready. Once done, they’ll take you to a dashboard where you can pick any of the banners to sell.

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You can pick any of them or even create one out of the product you want to sell via amazon. Ultimately, you’ll get a code to place on your website. That’s it. Create Content as you normally would, indulge in Content Marketing Strategy to make your content popular. Visitors see the content and also happen to see the banner and click on it. It redirects them on Amazons Product Page and If it sells, you get paid with a commission.

When Jeff Bezos found Amazon, it was nothing but a market affiliate for a while selling books initially and later switching to a marketplace enabling others to sell their products. Until it became this big that it also started charging for registering your products besides commissioning on the sales. Digitel Marketing came in handy for Jeff as social media kicked in almost around the same time.

Advertising the products only got easier with Facebook and twitter opening up their apis to developers and google/apple offering an online store to sell over android and iPhone which were already being advertised. Social Media has

Youtube Online Marketing

YouTube has an affiliate program thats a great way to market the products you’d like to sell. The more YouTube views you get, the better you can sell. For example, lets say people are looking for this new cell phone from a popular brand that was launched recently. You happen to sell it on your site for a commission as an affiliation with the brand.

33 Best Affiliate Marketing Memes Make Me Laugh images | Make me laugh, I laughed, Laugh

It would be a great idea to make unboxing videos about the phone. I know you’re thinking about the cost of purchasing the phone etc, but you need to know the product and believe in it that it can sell. And this is what will show in your videos on YouTube, very clearly. I’ve written a separate article about how to get more YouTube visitors and subscribers that will come handy.

Quora Can Help Sell

Search for the product on quora, and write your reviews about the product and well in detail. Mention each and every aspect about the product you know. Quora is very much searchable and ranks well on google based on the keywords that are searched. There is a good chance of your product making it on the first page of the search results. As a digital marketer, i feel this is a unique door opened to talk about your products and share information around it. Make sure you leave a link to your blog or website so people are redirected to your landing page and make a purchase from there. You have to excel and make sure you have Affiliate Marketing Done Right

If you are a product manufacturer and want to sell a product, you have two ways to it. Find agencies/promoters that can sell the product for you. Alternatively you can place a google ad that will help you increase your sales. Digital Marketing comes very handy when promoting products and making your commission. Usage of email marketing will keep you visitors engaged and informed too.

Instagram is a excellent tool that helps you share the pictures of your products. If you’re regular enough you’ll have followers. The followers on instagram have the power to make your post viral and hence get you more traffic. Every chance of growing traffic is sign of popularity which will again in return increase your instagram followers. This can all be read in your google analysis when you get there.

Affiliate Marketing Flipkart

Most of the successful startups in India have been copied ideas from the west. Despite their IIT and IIM backgrounds, Uber became Ola, Airbnb became OYO Rooms and Flipkart became India’s answer to Amazon. While everyone was thinking of creating an e-commerce website and selling online, the founders at Flipkart had already done that by selling books online which was also copied from how Amazon started to becoming a marketplace. An online Market Place is where you allow others to register with you and sell their product. You advertise, you become a huge brand and bring people to your website to buy stuff that you do not directly sell but sell via the vendors registered on your website. In return, you receive a commission as agreed at the time of signing up.

Additionally, the affiliate marketing model was also based on Amazons which later became a generic one for all of us to adapt. Blog writers like us need to be sure we have enough traffic and if we have their banners on our site, the chances of our clicks hitting them increases which in return be a sale and we get the commission.

Wikipedia says Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing where the business rewards us for each click or sale by the publishers own marketing efforts.

There is efforts. Money wont come in overnight but it will give you an opportunity to make it big and ensure you have an online presence. You’ll know how to market and sell.

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