Adoption in India And Why Everyone Should Consider It!

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Adoption in India is unpopular. Kids are the cutest creatures shared by God with us to ensure we start at an innocent note. Kids are also irritating to some of us. Like I personally didn’t like kids till I got married and had my own.

Now I only like my own kid. Just kidding. But jokes apart, they are a life changer. The reason why they call it a new birth for the parents is because of the change they bring in.

The adoption of responsibilities is now on and like spider man said – with more power comes more responsibilities, you become more powerful too. You’re no more the person you used to be and you are now a thinker. You do not want to be the bad guy anymore.

You start thinking about things that will now matter to your family more than you. It’s not comparable but definitely worth more than adopting a puppy 😛 You now consider seriously getting insurance.

Adoption In India -
Adoption In India –

That’s the power of kids being around you and being able to change you without you even having to realize it. You want to add more kid’s time to your schedule because you know it’s only good for you.

No matter how much time you spend with your family and friends, this feeling is totally next level. As they grow, they have questions and you need to ensure you have answers.

You want them to be like you and so you start teaching them things they should know e.g. the sports you love. If you loved football, they will grow up to be a ManU or a Chelsea fan depending on the club you loved and taught them to love or even Cricket for that sake, they will also start craving for IPLs in the future.

A lot of habits are picked up from the parents apart from the features. If you are still the social person you believe you should be like your parents, you’d have a plan to marry at a certain age and have kids.

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Family Planning To Not Plan Kids?

While you can have a plan to get married at a certain age, kids are instances that should not be planned. In fact, it’s best if you have kids first and then has a plan for the rest of your life. And I’ll also share the reason behind this optimistic approach.

A lot of couples I have seen around as family and friends made sure they got financially settled first. They planned to buy a house, got the interiors done, got a car, and sold it so they could buy the best one, and so on. They are yet to consider kids or too late for it.

Basically, they made sure they had everything before they could plan a kid. The funny part, avoiding pregnancy in India is called planning as you are actually planning everything else. Condoms are our best friends, absolutely are but after you complete what you started.

Those couples have been struggling to have kids and then have to begin spending a bomb on the treatment to have a baby which is apparently the same money they spent time-saving while they were avoiding pregnancy but do not see adoption as an option.

They call IVF a miracle, but unfortunately even this doesn’t come with a guarantee. They end up spending more money and expose the body to medicines that do more harm to achieve what could have been achieved naturally.

Adoption In India -
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I would be adopting a kid in the future even though I have one and maybe can have another one. Not to show off or brag about it but to secure a future that may have not had one and to be able to take responsibility again. India has had a bad shape when it comes to adopting kids.

The first thought the couples have is that it’s not theirs, not their own blood. I need to know the name of the factory where the blood is generated. Why are people in India so obsessed with blood? I understand DNA, but again kids are being judged even before they could live.

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India is Poor and Unemployed

If you have a job in hand and a roof over your head to sleep tonight, you are among the 80% well to do people in India that can afford it. The rest of the 20% is still going to sleep hungry and on the roads. Go down right now and visit the nearest station – those people aren’t sleeping on the footpaths for adventure.

They are homeless and so are their kids. Unemployment keeps hitting us hard no matter which party takes over as the new government. The promises are flawed and temporary, the impact on poverty is big. The kids do not deserve to sleep hungry or on the roads. The next time you have seen a kid that needs help – call 1098. The service is 24 hours and they can help.

Legal Adoption in India

  1. If you’re the keen parents interested to adopt kids, be physically, mentally, and emotionally stable, financially capable and make sure you do not have any life-threatening medical condition.
  2. Irrespective of your marital status and whether you already have kids you can adopt kids basis:-
    1. You and your spouse both agree the adoption is required, in case you’re married.
    2. If you’re a single female. you can adopt a child of any gender.
    3. For obvious reasons, a single man cannot adopt a girl child.
  3. Finally, you need to be married for at least 2 years if you are before taking this step.

If you do not meet any of the above, do not consider adoption. Child adoption from hospitals, religious places, or any other idea like they show in movies is considered illegal in India, so make sure you get it legalized from the court of law.

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Online Registration For Child Adoption in India – The Official Website for Adoption in India. While this is considered the last option. Unfortunately, With all the problems already existing, India doesn’t have a strong system for foster homes and parenting and adoption hence remains the only option which is being preferred as the last option resulting in homeless and hungry kids and increased poverty. The kids are lost and open to all kinds of dangers.

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Do visit CARA for the procedure for the adoption of a child within the family in India. They have child adoption center all over the country. I strongly recommend adopting kids if you are capable enough and are readily willing to save a kids future. Don’t give them a religion though 😛 These won’t just be your future, they’ll be our future.

Age Limit Of Child For Adoption in India

Age of the childMaximum composite age of prospective adoptive parents (couple)Maximum age of single prospective adoptive parent
 Upto 4 years 90 years 45 years
Above 4 and upto 8  years100 years50 years
Above 8 and upto 18 years110 years55 years

Are you a parent? Do you have kids or are planning? Do let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share the thought.

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